Where are all the frontier guardian skins for tech1 logi?

I can find plenty for the tech2 ones but can never see any on the market for tech1

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please if im incorrect someone post about it…

but without looking at my character op, i think the T1 skins were those skins forced applied to our characters/accounts when redeemed, we were not allowed to put them in hangars and thus on market.


Are you asking about the Frontier Safeguarder skins?

I think they were first issued as gifts and then later were listed for sale in the NES.

I have a few of those skins on this character, not sure about my other characters. The only ship I have on this character with that skin is my Scythe, T1 Logi Cruiser.

The T2 skins were given randomly in 4 login reward crates for omega players. These skins were transferable.

The T1 skins were simply unlocked 1 at a time for each day you logged in during the event. These skins were not transferable at all and were unlocked upon accepting them from the account’s unclaimed items.

Yeah I just found out about that.

Oof I was stuck in the hospital during that event.

A shame. These skins all have sound effects that play when you enter and exit warp. Like all space ambulances should. :smiley:

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this just makes me even more sad about this

the irony of missing the covid-19 skins because you had covid-19

These were the firefighting skins, after australia fires PLEX for Good.

The Covid PFG didnt had skins. There was a black facemask in files I thought will be a reward, but it seems they forgot completely about it. I dont remember them giving anything as a reward even for Covid PFG.

Maybe the SKINS were indeed intended for both PFGs but I dont know…

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it was actually given during the covid PFG

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