Where can I find murderous mofos?

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I am looking for a mercenary to hunt down and kill a character.

First of all, is this allowed?

Second, where would I find such a player interested in this heinous contract?

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Sure. Why shoudn’t it be allowed?

On every corner, but they will just scam you. Aka promise you whatever they think you want to hear, then take your money and then laugh at you for being so stupid.

That means: Never ever, under no circumstances, pay anyone any money before the confirmed kill is listed on zkill. And don’t trust any player-driven “bounty organisations” that collect the ISK from you and promise to “hold it for you” until someone completes the deal. They will also scam you.

Best is to offer a public bounty. Give the name of the char and some hints where this guy usually operates, set a price you are willing to pay if someone kills him. If someone can link the killmail, send him the cash.

I wasn’t sure if it was classed as griefing or bullying etc

Thank you, makes sense. I’d just assumed that if you didn’t pay up, they’d hunt you instead type deal.

It is only seen as griefing or bullying if you repeatedly kill a specific other player and even follow him if he leaves the area. Basically you can have your revenge and you can even kill others just for the fun of seeing their ship explode, but if you begin to pressure them in a way that they literally can’t play the game any more, some GM will tell you to stop.

And keep in mind: Kill Contracts are quite expensive. It will cost several hundred million ISK to have someone blown up.

Strictly speaking such a person is a bounty hunter rather than a ‘mercenary’. They will tend to use NPC Locator Agents who will tell them where a person is…or rather where they last were, as the agent tracking system will only update every 15 minutes ( by which time a person could be 15 systems away ). The Locator Agent will not say if the person is even online…just the last station they were at. People who zoom around Eve a lot will be quite hard to find. It’s only really useful if a person is spending long periods in one place or has certain specific routes they often travel.

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You may find player services in:

You can see the policies around this here:

Bad news: Capsuleers can’t be killed, just podded - and this happens every day, so it doesn’t bother your foe as much as you might expect.

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