Where can i rorqual mine and vni rat under an umbrella without having to do pvp

Where can i mine and rat under an umbrella without the commitment to do pvp regularly or at all.
I hate pvp. I just want to mine and rat in peace and safety when i have time for eve. But i want to do it in nullsec where i can make the most isk.

I don’t want to do pvp and i don’t want any limitations on mining and pve just because there is a stratop or some other stupid boring pvp stuff.

In wow


troll obvious

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Join any null-sec alliance…
Most null alliances have Intel channel,
You keep your eyes on Intel channel and most importantly local-chat!
And you are 101% safe!

Delve. I need more muppets there to farm them. But sadly you are already in TEST so I hope you get farmed to quitting EVE by the Stain Russians.

Spotted the RMTer.

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Farmville might be an option although you would have to change to potatoes from asteroids and watch out for bees they are everywhere Eve, Farmville everywhere I tell you!


They have Rorquals in WOW, what are you smoking?

As for the OP, Delve, Goons. Nothing more to say.

Anywhere that is devoid of content.
So, 90% of Sov Null.

General Discussion is not a recruitment service. Closed.

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