Where can you find skill exactors

Would like to know as they really cost a lot of isk

Here: https://secure.eveonline.com/skill-extractors

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any other ways or just that?

Only other place is from the main market hubs.

I will tell you where to farm them if you send me 100 million isk. You can usually get 6-7 a day if you are persistent.

maybe give me a couple days and a good read into what the forums say and sure that if both align together

I wouldn’t trust anyone on the forums, especially that Aiko person. Destiny is right though, the only place is with PLEX or real life cash.

how much plex per skill extractor?

112ea plex when buying them in 10x lot or 140 for a single

well f was going to see if they could be purchased for less there then on the market it the reverse right now

Do PI in lowsec and you will have enough isk to feed your desire for plex.

side note, frostpacker requires to be bullied before showing you some of it’s wares.

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