Where did the HP go?


My apologies if this is a totally noob question and I’m missing something obvious.

The MTU attributes tab shows it has 30,000 structure + 10,000 armor + 10,000 shield HP. That’s 50,000 HP total. How is it possible to get MTU killmails that show under 50,000 HP damage taken?

It happened several times to me and no, the MTUs weren’t damaged when I started attacking them. Examples:

Thank you for your time.


wild ass guess, but something to do with server ticks and incoming damage? Maybe whatever damage happens during the last ‘tick’ is inadvertently dropped since the server sees the threshold has been exceeded and changes it’s state to destroyed. So whatever the damage amount was at the end of the previous tick is what is recorded.

(I’m not a programmer nor do I play one on TV)


Interesting, this didn’t occur to me. Thanks!

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