Where do I report racism in chat channels?

What the title says. If I should DM it to someone that works too. Just need to know who to send screen shots to. Apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong location, I searched for Racism Reporting and couldn’t find a specific place to post about it.

TLDR: File a ticket

Reporting harassment to CCP:

If harassment is taking place via a third-party service, it is vital that you report the behavior to the operator of that platform through the appropriate channels first.

If harassment is occurring via any of CCP’s services (through in game chat channels, mail, forums or any of our other services), then you should immediately report this to us.

We take every instance of harassment and threatening behavior one hundred percent seriously and are committed to swiftly addressing this type of behavior, including removing those who engage in it from our community.

To report instances of harassment to us, please file a support ticket under the relevant category.

You can do this by heading to the Support Website and opening a ticket using the “Submit Support Ticket” button.

You’ll need to select the “Game Play Support” ticket type. From there, select the “Rules & Policies” category, then the “Offensive Behavior & Harassment” subcategory.

Please include as much detail as you can about the situation, and include any chatlogs, screenshots, links or other information that details the nature of the harassment or threats.

Initially, you’ll receive an automated response from our ticket service informing you that your ticket was successfully created. From there, a member of our GM Team will be in touch as soon as possible from there to assist.

Again, it must be stressed that the most important thing to remember is that if you are being threatened and feel you are in any immediate physical danger, you should contact your local authorities without delay.

CCP is committed to maintaining an environment where our community can flourish, and where our players can experience the virtual worlds we create together without worry of facing real-life harassment, toxicity, or threats while they play.


I have highlighted the proper response on what to do when coming across inappropriate content on ANY of CCP’s Platforms. Topic Closed.