Where/How can i get 'Smokescreen' Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

‘Smokescreen’ Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Where can I find it in the world, where can I loot it/receive it as a reward?

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i think caldari cosmos agent but dont quite recall…

Research suggests Akemon Tolan (cosmos agent) in Friggi…

or otomainen…

scroll to page 164 (its near the end) its one of the mission rewards from this agent.


What does this magical module do?

Same as covert ops one, only with the special name smokescreen (mostly).

At this moment, there appears to be one on offer:

1 490,000,000.64 ISK 0.7 Halle VII - Moon 6 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant

so far as I’m aware there is no functional advantage compared to a regular Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Mostly just fitting. They use half the CPU and have a 1 second faster sensor recalibration timer.

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1 second faster sensor re-calibration timer



ACTUALLY it provides some reprobates with a rather funny and expensive killmail… and if the loot fairy is willing…




Yeah, @Lugburz is correct, it’s a Cosmos mission reward.

In my opinion the ‘Smokescreen’ Covert Ops Cloak is an excellent module for cloaky ships. It’s reduced fitting requirements allows you the ability to fit better mods to increase the ship’s defensive and offensive stats.

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Regardless of how you get it, I wouldn’t recommend using it, sure it uses less cpu, but honestly, isn’t it like a 1 bil+ mod? if you have money to burn go for it, otherwise just use the normal one

A good cloaky ship is very tough to catch and if you’re gonna fit bling:


before you press play the thumbnail looks like it has a lady on it. i thought…sexy retro look. then i played the video and noticed it was a dude.

What, it’s a live classic Rock & Roll music vid.

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Oh boy that was 11 years ago when I got this one. And I still have it. I believe you get it when you give a Guristas shuttle to someone and it appears in your cargo.

The same COSMOS ark will also award a +7% turret damage or tracking implant and a Rattlesnake at the end but I haven’t done all of the missions yet. The agent requires very high Amarr faction standing to be able to talk to him.

There is this highsec island with The Forge where some people have nothing else to do then camping that system for COSMOS mission runners, to prevent them from completing them.
So yes, that cloak is valuable since those campers keep the price high.


Well then.

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