Where is Gix?

I’m worried about Gix Firebrand.

It’s been several weeks since we have all enjoyed his poisonous vitriol on the forums.
Please let us know you are OK.

Even if it’s just a quick “put down” of a noob who strayed into low sec and got killed.

He’s here. Different name, same vitriol.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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@Gix_Firebrand is fine and well and still puking his crap on the forum under the Alt Kuro.

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Everyone asks “where is Gix” but no one asks “how is Gix”.


A better question. WHY is Gix?



Every sport needs a villain! :wink:

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Now if I can just get the Dynamite Dingus Magee name to fit in a new toon! :wink: :rofl:


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