Where is the "Monthly Economic Report - January 2019"?

Excuse me , where is the “Monthly Economic Report - January 2019” ? Today is February 14, 2019, we waited for more than a week.

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It has been available in the preview channel for over a week now.

It’s probably so disgusting again that they don’t want to release it.

Or they will soon outsource it to “motivated, enthusiastic” users for exposure so that CCP can focus on QOL work.

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“Delve Wins Again”

There you go…

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Actually…WTF with the ISK supply?

There was a large, positive active ISK delta in December. Probably a lot of people reactivated dormant accounts because of the holidays or perhaps to farm the event bringing ISK back into the money supply.

But I will admit, those charts don’t look good. CCP? Maybe it’s time to hire a junior economist?

Not CCPs problem anymore

YO! Wheres the MRE!!! @CCP_Falcon Where’s the beef, I mean MRE??? You know we like data points!

Yeah, that were my thoughts too. And that could be good. If more people re-join the game then it might not be anything to worry about and quite possibly something to cheer. After all rich players can often contribute to the real side of the economy too by building and such.

Spreadsheets Online!!!

If we don´t get proper patches or events why should you get your e-peen elongator?

Now stop your whining

Itll never stop.

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