Where to deliver Triglavian Sublight Telemeter, Triglavian Transconduit Datacaster?

Reading the description of these items it says that DED are looking for them.

How do i find which stations accept them and how do i deliver them?

Buy orders:



I guess people buy them on the contract market too so can check that as well.

Not sure if there are non-market based ways like LP stores or something so someone else have to chime in and share the info if that is a thing.

People buy them for a reason, they must be used for something.

They are not.

It’s a collectable.

The trig vs EDI content has been shelved. Unlikely it will be used for anything for a long time.

They are used in DED LP shops. https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/lpstore/buy/10000002/1000137/withblueprints


Can you tell me in which stations is that?

Type CONCORD into in-game search β†’ faction CONCORD ASSEMBLY show info β†’ MEMBER CORPS tab β†’ DED show info β†’ STATIONS tab


The datacasters etc are needed to get BPs like the thunderchild etc from DED lp sores. Well thats what i use mine for.

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