Where to Find PvP Spots

Noob Question:

How does one find PvP spots?
I know I can’t just blow up random ships for fun, that would get Concord on you. I believe that Null-Sectors are free for all, but I don’t want to have to go all the way there. Are there PvP friendly spots in High-Security areas? How do I find them?

Yes you can blow up random ships for fun. Who cares about concord. its still fun.

Lowsec-to-hisec sectors are popular. Youll find yourself outgunned in many instances though, so be careful.

Otherwise, open up your map, and check and see where lots of players are dying, and head over there.

Yeah I just went to a Null Sec and had fun messing with these AI ships…
HOLY HECK DID THAT CHANGE FAST. they all warped away, and I decided I should probably scram. That saved me because a few seconds later a ton of AI warped in and nuked me XD I lived…

I ran into a guy I made friends with, and he invited me into his corp.
Then I got wrecked by 2 of them XD
It was a really solid play, and I almost took one of them out. he was very very critical.

Turns out it was a test they have to see if they want to get people into their corp. I did die, but apparently I acted like they wanted. I told them GG and brushed it off. It was a good play. So now I’ve got a corp! whoooo!

Thanks for your answer! I thought there were special areas that I needed to be XD

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If you want to PVP in highsec (without CONCORD involvement) join RvB

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Thank you, I’ll give it a look!

Just shoot at CODE. it’s alright :smile:

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