Where to go?

I envy you Asriel. I remember fondly those first days in the game, flying out of the station for the first time, not having any idea where to go or what to do. Watching a ship blow up nearby on the station undock and warping away as quick as I could thinking I would be hit by a shockwave or something.

I’ve played Eve for nearly a decade and am still finding new things to do when I log in. Unlike 99% of MMOs where there’s a lot to do initially but very little end game content, Eve is the reverse with a narrow set of choices early and it’s all about the end game. This means the more you do, the more you ‘can’ do. It’s also the reason why other MMOs stagnate, yet Eve has not.

Also when I played initially, there were no skill point injectors, no cerebral accelerators, no PLEX, and we had a set of skills called ‘Learning Skills’ which accelerated how fast you could learn skills. They had basic and advanced skills for each of your attributes, and then a separate skill called ‘Learning’. It took about 25 days to get the advanced ones to 4 and max the rest. Now though, it’s a different game. Those skills are gone and you can hyperjump your sp at critical points on your journey.

If you’re of a mind, first and foremost I would take advantage of a skill point pack, or get a small amount of PLEX and buy some skill point injectors. (No everyone, I don’t work for CCP). But it sounds like you’re interested in the combat angle and this will help you get right into the action more effectively.

Whether you do that or not, your options at this early stage really are:

  • Combat Mining (What I call the act of running missions or fighting NPCs)
  • PvP combat (Either solo or as part of a larger group, using small, inexpensive, disposable ships). That group can be either a player organization or Faction Warfare, where you fight against other players of opposing empires as part of the game’s lore
  • Actual mining (Where you munch on rocks, convert those rocks to minerals, and sell those on the market to people who build stuff, and make yourself a small fortune. You can also huff gas pockets and do the same, though there’s more to make on rocks at this stage of your gaming development)
  • Exploration (Where you take a ship and find hidden sites in the game which contain items you can likewise sell)

But back to combat mining. The Brutix is a solid beginner’s boat. It’s very forgiving because it’s very tough, it is optimal for close range scenarios, and it’s decently agile given its size. You chose well. I recommend against battleship class boats until you’re very adept with your chosen battlecruiser. The Praxis is a good beginner’s battleship, but not the best beginner’s combat ship.

For fits or skills, message me in-game please and I can work with you on that. Welcome to New Eden! I know I’m two weeks late responding.


Wow!! Thank you for your “enlightening” and “wonderful” reply…
I’m surely gonna “bother” you in game for wise advices regarding skills and fits…


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