Which combat site infested carrier show up?

I just got kill in drone horde. Is there any combat site it show up left ?
update 20/8/18 confirm patrol & horde have infested carrier

Not 100% sure what you’re asking, but if you are asking what I think you are asking:

Infested Carriers show up in drone space anoms. Once they spawn, they’ll warp between sites and belts if the site they spawn in is empty (such as when you lose your 'snake, or if you warp out in time).

Given that you’re using auto-targeting missiles, I’d assume you were ratting semi-AFK. Probably not smart in a ~2bil ship.

It spawns in hordes and atleast the patrol with elite parasite at start.

you mean it can spawns in patrol too ?

They spawn in all combat sites iirc. Purely random.

IIRC, capital rats that spawn in combat sites (drone hordes etc) will not travel to belts and ore anomalies. The capital rats that spawn from ore belts or anomalies will travel around.

I learn something new every day!

I already said which sites it spawns in stop with the misinformation.

It’s both horde types and a very low chance in the patrol that has 1 elite parasite at start.
In belts or mining index related belts you can get infested carrier sentient carrier sentient supercarrier to spawn aswel as hauler spawns or drone officers.
The drone carrier in hordes/patrols doesn’t move out of the site but if all other npcs needed for site to despawn are killed and you warp off it’ll despawn by the time you come back.

You did say. I disagreed. That is, of course, assuming I have your permission to disagree in a public forum?

I spent a great deal of time in drone lands, and I believe your elite parasite criteria to be incorrect. I’ve never been to the belts, which is why I do not argue the correction Krysenth made - I have no knowledge and no reason to argue that point.

Since I have no empirical data to back up my belief of how it works, I offer this simple consideration. What were the capital ships primarily introduced to combat?

AFK ratting. VNIs in particular have a very hard time warping out of the site if they don’t cycle down their prop mod (or warp to something in-line) and warp out asap.

When you land at a site, if you’re planning on afk ratting, you can easily note whether the criteria match, and simply warp to another site before you go afk again. Ergo such an obvious tell would be counter to their intention.

It is quite plainly random, quite probably with a higher probability of occurring in hordes.

This is patently false, through my own direct observation. They will warp to other sites.

I know the drone land sites better than anyone else I met so I can’t accept your so called facts when I learned all I know through thousands of site runs.
I also said patrol infested carrier is very rare but it does happen I had 2 which o noticed oddly enough with afk Ishtars I run a very specialised fit unlike other players I also had 3 corpmates lose each a vni in the very same type of patrol.I’ve always been very big on understanding npc mechanics I even worked out most of the rare belt spawn criteria as in caps,officers,hauler spawns.
Here’s another everyone I know reports ratting in a super about 100 mil ticks consistently I get 150 consistently. The more you know the better you do

Congratulations on being a better krab than most?

Seems the only point we’re actually disagreeing on is whether they warp around, and that they’re limited to a certain type of patrol. On the first point, as I’ve said, I’ve seen it. On the second, that wouldn’t make much sense given the purpose they were introduced.

There are subtle alterations ccp has made to spawn rates of escalations and cap spawns which you will never see in patch notes even to loot drops.
Just because you want infested carriers to warp from one anomaly to another doesn’t mean it actually happens I’ve kept infested carriers in a single horde for over 16 hours until dt reset it they don’t move anom unless it’s a mining anom

How do you get such good ticks?

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