Which platform do you use TO PLAY EVE ON?

Since there is no official numbers that I can find, can we track this ourselves?

WHICH PLATFORM DO YOU USE TO PLAY EVE ON? (not for any other reason)

We also don’t need indepth explainations and other fairytale stories, you’re not running for president

This isn’t about bashing platforms, you can do that in another thread, if you use multiple, pick your dominant main one you play eve on.

Which platform do you use?
  • Linux (Wine/Proton)
  • MacOS
  • Windows

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No option for two platforms?

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Yeah to skew numbers… stop pretending Linux is more important than you think it is outside of Server Architecture.

I use all 3.

Personal, Windows and Mac. Windows for Gaming, MAC when I am out of home.

At work all 3.

Then be that Direct in your Question: Windows

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you can do that yourself …

why you need the info you ask for?


Even that’s not so clear-cut. I am currently playing on my i5 integrated graphics laptop but I have previously played on a linux box, and will also install EVE on the new linux box which was the old windows machine.

It is simple, you either use it to play the game, or you do not. Pick your main dominant one you spend most of your Eve time on.

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As it seems you’re only interested in the results of the poll, not in the explanations, what is the purpose of this thread?

You will get the result that most people use windows for gaming, no surprise there.

I know you’re trying to get more linux support for EVE and EVE tools in nearly every post you make, so I guess you want to use this thread to show… something? That linux is rarely used? That it is used at all?

Just wondering. :thinking:


The purpose of the thread is to get numbers that CCP don’t give out, if you don’t want to participate, then don’t.

If you want to tell us a fairytale story, start a thread on it, your story your thread, go for it.

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I run EVE on my i-toaster.

Nice, a flying toaster (mac joke).

That’s right. I made a human joke. Ha ha. I fitting right in.


I participated already. But I really wonder what conclusions you want to get from a poll like this?

Because I doubt it will be representative, due to participation bias. Most people who don’t care about OS won’t care to answer the poll, while the people who are interested in different OS and use Linux will be more inclined to answer, skewing the results.

So what kind of numbers are you looking for?

Just accurate numbers from participants, conclusion is up to those that consume those numbers.

Alright, good luck with your poll then!

And keep the bias in mind. :wink:

And that’s why it would be so much easier and better if CCP published those numbers.

I agree, CCP would be able to easily get more accurate data. Have you tried asking them?

Yes I have posted many times asking

What about ios