Which T1 frigate has the highest DPS?

This can be using tech 1 or tech 2 guns. Prefer not to use drone ships like Tristans, I’m thinking more of gun boats only.


Punisher, Merlin, Incursus, Rifter, are the “sturdy” T1 attack frigs. Depending on your skills they do the most DPS.
Faction Frigs are also fun, like Hookbill, Comet or Firetail.
And if you really like dps in a Frig as an Alpha, try a Daredevil

If you want to read more: Just look at this guide. Absolute bible for us frigate junkies


Hi, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Holy cats, man- that is a brilliant link! Thanks a ton for posting that- hadn’t seen it before.

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Worm. Especially if you include Tech II drones and missiles, can bring it up further via using faction drone damage amps and augmented drones (augmented are basically blinged Tech II drones) It is technically still a Tech 1 frigate, just one that requires 2 frigate skills to operate.

If gunboats only then see the stuff already posted.

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T1 frigate… not even faction…
Gallente frigates. Blasters will do most of the DPS.
Downside is very limited range!
And dont get energy neutralized!
Gallente ship, with no drones gets neutralized… u are done!

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