Which T2 Haulers to choose in 2021: Gallente or Amarr


I’ll start training into T2 haulers very soon, and I will probably use as often DSTs than BRs, so both ships matter to me. At first, I was willing to train Gallente line, as from all the posts I’ve found on the Internet, this line was simply held superiors to the others (Viator is known for it’s tiny model, Occator was held superior to other DSTs due to its triple prop layout etc).

The thing is, from all these posts dated from 2016-2019, Haulers have evolved quite a lot due to recent patches: nullification changes, shield changes etc. Especially this last change impacted quite significantly DSTs (when I see previous fits titles on eveworkbench speaking of 600k EHP overheated, and when I see what the fit is capable of now, seems that the nerf bat was quite heavy).

From what I can see now is that in terms of DST, Impel has a lot more EHP than Occator, which is also seen in zkillboard, as there’s lot less Impel ganked than any other DSTs.

Regarding BRs, Viator was favored due to its tiny model compared to other lines, but it seems that a common technique to decloack BRs is by usingcans. Therefore I don’t think that model size would really help in this situation.

Would you share the same opinion that “on paper” (because the pilot matters most, ok got it), the Amarr line seems to be a better skillpoints investment due to the latest changes made on T2 haulers compared to the old King Gallente ?

Thanks for your feedback !

Amarr or Caldari. Caldari gets more EHP overall nowadays but Amarr is not far behind.

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is cooler. Golden space leech ftw.


Minmatar, nothing else. Speed is king.


Fit Kitchen: Transport Ships » Ashy in Space has some ideas for you.


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I think Gallente is still solid option, gives better flexibility and it would be my personal preference over Amarr.

Training Gallente Industrial V also bonuses for T1 capacity of specialized haulers: Kyros, Epithal, Miasmos.

After nerf of resists Occator can’t be tanked anymore to insane 600K EHP but it can be triple prop (MWD, AB, MJD) with armor or agile hull tank.
Impel has only two mid slots and is slower.

Sometimes it is required to fit all low slots with Expanded Cargo Hold II which leaves Prorator without any tank because it has only 2 mid slots and one should be always MWD in BR. Viator can fit shield tank and use low slots for either core stabilizer and nanofibers or expanded cargo holds depending on cargo size.

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Fewer Impel ganked can also mean fewer people use the Impel compared to other DSTs.

But I think you’re right: the Impel can reach more EHP than the other DSTs it seems.


Amarr unless you want maximum tank.

Caldari will get you the highest burst tank in DSTs but the crane is both slower and holds slightly less than the amarr br.

Amarr br is just as fast as minm and gal but holds the most cargo.

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FWIW I’m a few days away from being able to fly a Crane.

That’s the problem with some people - no sense of 𝓼𝓽𝔂𝓵𝓮 :dizzy:

Enjoy your plain oatmeal in your grey overalls at your rusty institutional metal table.

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Thanks for all our replies.
After much thoughts about this, I’ve decided to go with Gallente.
As Stanislaw stated, these ships seems more agile & versatile to me, and I will probably feel more confortable flying them. May be zkillboard will state otherwise in a couple of days :wink:

DST is more about fast to warp and TANK to handle any bubble you might get caught in so you can get to the gate or station.

Amarr will offer a better resistance tank and can be fitted to counter most smartbomb gate fleets, the trick after that is to get a good align and to warp time. (there are a number of methods for this, though most use MWD which can be counter productive)

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