❓ Which Industrialist Cloaky Transport ship of choice

My question is Those of you Industrialist that prefer to go about moving items for whatever reason which Racial Cloaky Transport is best/Preferred?:question:

the Caldari Bustard-Crane
The Gallente Occator-Viator

From the the ships you listed only the Crane and Viator can fit an Covert Ops Cloaking Device. I trained the Gallente ones to 5 because I like the bonus to the special T1 Gallente indus.

That’s not true.

The Amarr Prorator and Minmatar Prowler can also fit Cloaks and warp cloaked.
See: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Blockade_Runners

This is a very good reason. For Gallente.

But if you don’t care to much about T1 haulers and want to max out the performance of your hauler get the Amarr Prorator.
It has 4 low slots you can use to increase align time or cargo, depending what you need. Gallente and Minmatar have 3 low slots while Caldari has only 2, limiting your options here a bit.

That’s not true, the Amarr and minmatar one can fit the covert coak too.

As for your decision, it is difficult to say which one you like best. Go with your preference. As far as I know they all share the same benefits - covert cloak and low cargo amount but high speeds.

Choice is yours.

It would be so nice if people would read the opening post and not just the last replies. From the ships Kristina listed only the two I mentioned can fit a covops cloak. Minmatar and Amarr ships were not part of the question.


Only that the OP didn’t ask for those…

Sure, but the question was Caldari or Gallente…

I guess Kristina had her reasons to ask for Gallente or Caldari.

Well, if you edit that into it, the statement is correct.
But us arguing here does not help the OP. Sorry if you felt offended by my post. It was not my intention.

I still think the Prorator is the best choice for a blockade runner. After that the Viator then Prowler and lastly the Crane. Low slots make all the difference, imo.
But even with max skills and 4 Cargo Expanders II a Prorator will not be able to transport much more than ~9.5km³. If more is needed OP might want to look into Deep Space Transports. Here the choice does not really matter because the basic 50.000m³ of fleet hangar is the same for every race. The traditional cargo hold is rather relative after that.
On a DST the MWD+Cloak trick makes sense again. So I think that should be considered when fitting one.

This article in the eveuni-wiki covers a lot of aspects to consider: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Deep_Space_Transport#Deep_Space_Transport_.28T2_Industrial.29

I appreciate all pilots opinions on this matter as I am being trained for industrialist hauler to wherever, the point is even though I am caldari I’m sure gallente is preferred over caldari. Industry ships

Love my Crane. She has a LSE and Shield amps in the mids, with Nanofiber in both. With Poly’s in the rigs. Aligns and warps at near frigate levels.

And just look at the forth coming art/haul upgrade coming.

and for the bustard;

One thing to remember is that the ships are balance around the Low slots. So while Prorator has the most Lows it also has the lowest Cargo.

Crane - 5375M3 - Max Cargo - 12582m3
Viator - 4500m3 - Max Cargo - 13430m3
Prowler - 4375m3 - Max Cargo - 13057m3
Prorator - 3625m3 - Max Cargo - 13794m3

So despite the number of lows their cargo comes out to be about the same.

Base Align times are about the same so the ships with more Lows would excel at Align time / fitting stabs / speed.

Only thing after that is tank, for HS having well over 20K is nice to avoid Tornadoes otherwise its a bit pointless.

Crane - 11.4K Base - 15K DC2 Only - 42.8K LSE+Max Shield tank + DC2 - 41.2K + 9868M3 Shield + Cargo Rigs + Expanders + DC2
Viator - 12K Base - 16.5K DC2 Only - 33K LSE+Max Shield tank + DC2 - 29K + 10534M3 Shield + Cargo Rigs + Expanders + DC2
Prowler - 11.1K Base - 14.1K DC2 Only - 30K LSE+Max Shield tank + DC2 - 27.6K + 10241m3 Shield + Cargo Rigs + Expanders + DC2
Prorator - 11.5K Base - 15.4K DC2 Only - 24.9 K LSE+Max Shield tank + DC2 - 20.7K + 10819M3 Shield + Cargo Rigs + Expanders + DC2

So the Crane has great Tank while still being about to fit OK Cargo , HTe other 3 fit stlightly more cargo but way less tank with the prorator trading 50% tank for 1K m3.

So like most things in Eve , it depends on what you want.

Crane and Viator are my prefered options , Viator for WHs + LS and Crane for HS.

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For me, out of what was asked in by the OP, I am a fan of the Gallente Viator for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it can’t be scanned so anyone who wants to gank it, if they get the chance to (which they shouldn’t really), is taking a stab in the dark. OK, doesn’t really matter in low or null as no Concord factor, but in high sec it’s a roll of the dice for them as they know not what is in it (could be good or maybe nothing)…and that is assuming the Viator pilot screws up. Secondly, it means you also have great skills with all the tier one Gallente transport ships too which by far offer the greatest diversity of options out of all races.

The difference between the cloaky haulers is so minor. I’m at the point where I’m thinking of training for the Prowler because I got tired of looking at the Prorator, and then I got tired of looking at the Viator. I’m just going round and round.

If I had to pick one, I’d say the Viator is probably the best. I like align time, and It has the fastest align time…

…by .2 seconds

Edit: Just checked Pyfa just for the sake of curiosity. The crane actually has the worst align time. So if this is something that matters to you, don’t pick that one.

Also, I use Nomads religiously so my numbers are based on that.

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