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I see a lot of people whining about being ganked in high sec. You consent to pvp when you undock. THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL HAPPEN. Only that it can and you accept the risk. You consent to the possibility of wrecking your car any time you drive. Breaking your neck any time you take the stairs. Or simply you consent to life happening by continuing to exsist.

Look at the detective shows on tv. The police have a rigid set of rules to work within. The bad guys do not. Bad guys have more options and methods at their disposal. No rules of engagment to follow. Same as the game. You want the moral high road and be lawful good, take the rules and equipment that come with that journey. You want to be the void in the crack of the backside, you have nearly zero restrictions.

You want zero risk. Look into risk mitigation. Hire security. Lots if merc corps are looking for content. Isk at least. Train up a combat alt to escort you indi ship. Fight back. A decent fit thorax/caracel can take out several destros and keep the indy alive long enough for concord to arrive. At the very least have a damned scout go ahead of you to see what is happening. CONCORD…is there to punish. Not protect. If they were there to protect they would be everywhere, there would be no risk, there would be no EVE.

How many trips have you made where you had no problems? Be honest. Is it just one, two, or even three lost ships that make you start a thread on here crying about high sec is not safe enough? Out of how many safe trips. 200. 300? Those are pretty good odds. And the miners. Hire security. High sec merc corps like repeat business. Hire them and theyll do what you payed them to. Counter bumps. Killing gankers.

The tools to your salvation are in front of you. Look for them and use them. Life will get better in EVE if you put some guns on your side.


It’s a stupid, pointless thread, as are all of these type threads. It’s a waste of space. You aren’t going to change anyone’s thinking on this, and they aren’t going to change yours.

Separately, you are confused about some things. For instance, you don’t consent to anything… unless you actually consent to it. So if someone doesn’t consent, they don’t consent. I’M NOT SAYING YOU CAN’T GANK THEM AND BE PERFECTLY WITHIN YOUR RIGHTS AND PURVIEW TO DO SO. I’M NOT SAYING GANKING THEM SHOULD BE BANNED. I’M NOT SAYING THEY SHOULD BE SAFE. I’m just saying that, no matter how you’d like to spin it - no, they don’t consent. Now, it doesn’t matter that they don’t consent… nor should it. But the fact is, they don’t.


They do. By continuing to play, they consent to the mechanics of the game. That includes ganks, remote reps, warp bubbles, and scams in Jita, haaaaack-tooo, local. It all starts with clicking the accept button on the EULA.


99% of being ganked is due to flying a high value or ridiculously blinged ship, usually in conjuction with being poorly tanked or completely untanked. And 99 times out of 100, you might get away with it. But there’s always that one time…


They have, legally speaking, agreed (i.e. a legal agreement). This might even be popularly called ‘consent.’ For all I know, there might even be some notion of ‘legal consent.’ But a person does not actually consent to anything… unless they actually consent. And, naturally, that doesn’t happen if something they do not expect to happen, and makes them very angry when it does happen (a gank), happens. If they consented, it wouldn’t be surprising to them, and it wouldn’t make them angry.

I’m not defending them, and I’m not saying you should care that they don’t consent (you shouldn’t). I’m just saying that, in fact, they don’t consent.

If you could imagine that before every gank that ever happened in this game, the ganker (whether it was a CODE agent or whoever else) asked if the gankee had given or would give consent to the ganker to be ganked before the gank would be initiated - how many gankees do you think would say ‘yes - go right ahead.’


If they dont consent to PVP, why are they playing?

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Some things just don’t need the other person’s consent. Such as in situations involving road rage. If you open my car door, stick your arm inside of it, or try to pull me out of it, that is you giving me consent to shoot you in the face (in the United States anyway). Do I have to ask you first? No, I just do it…


Ship spinning. It’s the only way to be safe.


While I could imagine any number of scenarios, you’d have to ask them.

I agree with your sentiment 100%, and share it. However, the right to keep and bear arms is incompatible with a police state, which we now have in the USA. It is also incompatible with liberals comprising a sizable chunk of the population. It is also incompatible with continued staged attacks on schools, concerts, night clubs, etc. the express purpose being to motivate public sentiment against the right to keep and bear arms. So, no, you aren’t going to have the right to shoot a carjacker in the face for very much longer.

EDIT: And quit bumping ships with your Machariel.

EDIT: Nothing inappropriate here - I see the enemies of free speech and tolerance are alive and well.


Certainly, every thread is good if you want to whine. :wink:


Ganking is part of the game period, no one who is a real Eve player disputes that at all., It does not mean however that I can’t criticize some of the mechanics if they a out of balance such as bumping and when the consequences are inconsequential, if you call that whining then you are the whiner.

Your whine thread is noted…

This is a computer game. A computer game like a board game has rules which are known and accepted and if you start playing this game you consent to all those rules and things that could happen.

You don’t start to play monopoly and if you suddenly have to pay a huge sum (because the dice tries to kill you) you then say “I did not consent to losing so much money”. Yes you did! It may not be pleasant, losing sometimes isn’t, but you did consent by your agreement to play this game by the rules it has.

In EVE you can lose big, but you can also win big. You always have to remember that it is YOU who puts the bet on the table. YOU chose the ship you undock with and the module you fit. YOU chose where to invest ISK and who to trust with your stuff. You have all the control every day of how huge the loss can be, and if you lose more than you can take then that is entirely on you.

Accept this and have fun playing EVE.


I’ll give up my Machariel when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers…LOL


Posting in another “Everything is PVP” thread! Even not playing is PVP. Going to work, going out to eat, even logging off to take a dump is…you guessed it…EVE PVP.

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Anyways, enjoy some unprepared people :

PS: PVPers consent to whine threads because they use the forums… :wink:

Maybe we need a big “By Clicking on this Button You Consent to PVP when you undock” sign that comes up when you login and you have to accept it in order to continue. Would that settle matters ?

Nothing stops you from shooting someone in the game whether they like it or not , whether they have given their consent or not. It really seems like a moot point. I loathe the term purely because it seems to be stated in the manner of someone trying to put words in my mouth.

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Maybe This?

–Designer Gadget

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LOL :slight_smile:

But that costs isk. Whining on the forums is free.