Who agrees that when entering pvp battle, this should start playing in the background

It would be a lot better if CCP played “Emergency Beat” in the background every time someone engages in pvp combat. It would make the game a lot more lively.

I shazamed “Emergency Beat”, when I heard it in the background of a TV show once. Later found out it was once the theme song of WWE. According to Shazam, the company that owns the album (“Dramatized”), the sound track is part of is called, VideoHelper. According to them in their description suggested usage scenario, it says one of them is “Intense Battle scene”. Which according to Wikipedia is company that helps television channels in getting background music into their shows. So it probably would cost a lot less, then asking for a song that was made by a regular singer or composer.

Who agrees?

Edit: Changed it from any normal combat to pvp combat instead.

I think that would get annoying very quick if it was by default, though I’m sure some would like an option to have a custom playlist depending on in-game occurrences.
Not sure the Dev time would ultimately be worth it to develop and maintain.

Individual preferences for battle themes will differ. I wanted to link this one for my preferred battle music. Especially if we could activate a mod to play it for the other other guy(s). https://youtu.be/f0sKHMWMClA (Not sure why only URL and not image links)?

I’d be more inclined to listen to “Ride of the Valkyries” or “The Trooper”

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“Run to the hills” might be good in some situations. :slight_smile:


Depending on the encounter, this would work too…


Eve has more sound than low shields/armor/hull?

Eve has sound? But in seriousness the eve soundtrack is amazing. I miss the jukebox though. But most people play with their own music in the background anyways.

Every time you get decloaked, this music should start playing:

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OP should probably keep the clown posting to Reddit or his alliance forum of choice.

How am I clown posting. :frowning: In all honesty I started playing EVE at the beginning of September last year, played this game for one week. Then took a break till November. Again took another brake after 3 days. Came back a few days before Christmas time. Then after that took a break till mid January, then played for like maybe another another week. After that I took a very long break till the middle of free the slave event when I came back. Played till the start of August. Took a break till the end of august. Near the end of august started playing again until news broke out that Pearl Abyss acquired CCP. Came back to the game for a few hours (2 to 3) when the recent drone returns event started.

You can consider me like a new player.

No…just no.

Nobody with a modicum of good taste.

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how about pvp only it plays?

Now imagine an hours long battle under heavy TiDi with this constantly looping in the background.

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My ears would bleed…


I vote for stupid threads should be closed automatic… :slight_smile:


many fights don’t even last a minute. this would just be super annoying and repetitive as ■■■■.

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