Who are today's EVE developers?

Seeing how every new patch release introduces more and more problems while providing little to no solutions, who is actually creating all this mess?
Is there any of the original crew still present or did CCP manage to replace them all and now the new ones are trying hard to reverse-engineer code from their predecessors?
Or is it just that today’s developers are less thorough (not necessarily by their fault) because we need new things every day?

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Define “more problems while providing little to no solutions”.


Ok so it’s just a whine post.


They are pretty snappy at addressing issues brought up in the patch notes thrrsd

PEARL ABYS - welcome to HELL :rofl:

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ive heard that most originate from lowsec or wormholes… liek 6-7 years ago.

they are developers that didnt bother to learn the old code, eve is about 5 different codes sewn together now since no one decided to learn to read the code so they can better understand and apply the new code.

They also dont like to do something that going to take “too much work” as we have lost features due to that excuse and cant get other features added

they rather work on side jobs that have nothing to do with eve and quit halfway through or abandon it after completion


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