Who Came Up with The Triglavians?

Does anyone know who the writer/developer/artist is who initially came up with the whole Triglavian concept?

I must know.

i am pretty sure it was a dev that didnt want to deal with legacy code, so they started their own thing. along with abyssals and proving grounds ))

Hilmar based it of a book he read. Forgot the name.


This is very much the territory of rumor and conspiracy, once I guess I’m about to spread. I heard Hilmar read the Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu (or all 3 books in the series) and was so enamored by the series and/or book he told his staff:

“Trisolarans – do that”.

Hence, Triglavians.

Edit: I don’t really feel bad about spreading this rumor because this is the same man who lays off and slims down CCP’s employee base coincidentally every time he is on a diet. Fits the man’s ego of how he views the company as an extension of himself. This is also rumor and conspiracy.


Should have called it TriCladians. I think they are awesome.

I’m surprised they have not tried to tell the story of how human’s became all these entities, including drifters.

Someone with lots of delusion of grandeur and not the slightest bit of development competence or knowledge of gameplay aspects. They are absolute trash, hypocrites and on the other hand overpowered and unbalanced.



Their tracking is what is overpowered if they nerf the tracking they will be fine.
I guess Their slot efficiency is much higher than other ships as well with only using 1 slot for gun’s but that can be solved by halfing gun dps/cap usage and grid/cpu and giving 2 turret hardpoints to only allow 1 utlity high.

I don’t care about all the petty whining and tears about them - what I am more interested in is the creative art and story aspect. I also read the chinese novel its pretty good.
I wonder who also decided to throw in the Slavic cultural aspects! lol I don’t think it was Hilmar who really fleshed them out. Doesn’t feel like him.


I think you are being a lil dramatic. What was said was out of logic not emotion.

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It goes both ways no?

Forums are open to discussion, not to satisfy your needs.


Where? Mustve snuck that in while I was away

I guess if you didnt play Destiny you wont have seen what they knocked off for these guys.

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Ok sure – I just happen to be a real fan of them bordering on fanatic - gameplay aspects aside (a separate discussion) I feel it is necessary to recognize the pure creative genius of them, and want to know what kind of person came up with it. :slight_smile:

Use those words on Reddit and you will get your answer, dev’s are not allowed to answer on these forums but on reddit its a different story I see them answering all the time. Except when I bait them they seem to realize xD


For real though, you might get better luck posting in that category, as a lot of lore/RP nerds seem to stick to their side of the forums.

I can’t imagine why…


Just play that 90’s game Freespace 2 and look up the Shivans, and you’ll know where Hilmar got his inspiration from for Trigs in Eve.

The Sun-converting part made me chuckle quite a bit, and you’ll know why once you play it.

Even the esthetics are the same.

Moderators you are free to move this thread I somehow overlooked Eve Lore discussion!

Hilmar couldn’t pronounce midichlorians.

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Drifters aren’t human, only using “human” bodies. They are considered human-derived though.

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I always thought it was human → Jove → got corrupted → drifter.