Who do u talk to when u r ceo?

i have no corp mates cause i do my own pi and blue print stuff so i dont wanna add people to my corp but still wanna be apart of alliance or corp to be able to chat with others

Then join an alliance? :thinking: Or join an active chat channel of like-minded people who do the same things? Or try to build a community in the area where you are active and bring industrialists, miners and builders together?

This can’t work.

Join a public EVE discord or chat channels in game.

No self respecting Alliance will take a Corp of 1 member. They’d ask you to fold the Corp and join one of their existing ones.

There are a tonne of poor Alliances though that might take your Corp.

I think you may find an alliance enjoyable, though u may have to get more members or fold the corp yo enjoy the game. Why would u not want CPR mates

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