Whoi is PA?

I’ve been playing for almost a decade and recall a company taking over CCP a couple years ago. Problem is, my memory sucks so bad, and this is bugging the Sh__ out of me. What company has the abbreviation, PA? I couldn’t find anything on google or on these forums.


You are looking for “Pearl Abyss”.

If you also like numbers, I can recommend to a look at this: The Nosy Gamer: Pearl Abyss Q4 2021 Earnings Call

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Thank You! It was buggin the hell out of me.


Just think of the Abyssal filament sites that can help recall their name. :slight_smile:

CCP Games … have operated MMOs for a long time and we do have the knowhow to maintain and manage a sustainable economic system.

lol… the captain of the titanic could sail a ship too.

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