Pearl abyss

how will that change the game? what does it mean for the players? how will it affect us?

Let’s see, everything in the game will be structured to be fast and easy, more Microtransactions will be pushed in the NES and in-game rewards will basically be a gamble where you pay ISK to see if you get anything.

Just kidding, supposedly CCP still has free reign to develop and run this game. However they are a business and as such will be looking to make money so yeah, more Microtransactions for sure.

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PA dropped a lot of cash, I mean a lot of cash, to acquire an old and declining game. For that money, they could almost certainly have developed a newer game, on a newer engine, with base features and design more capable of generating F2P cash shop income than EVE does. (EVE has a lot of basic design flaws - from the monetization perspective - to make it a profitable cash shop game.)

Thus, they most likely needed access to something that a ‘new game’ wouldn’t provide - either EVE’s reputation and status as ‘grand old hardcore space game’, EVE’s player base, or as has been suggested, EVE’s backdoor access to the markets in China.

That said, if you think for one minute that PA is going to ‘leave CCP alone to do what they have always done’ - namely, stumble about, complain about spaghetti code they can’t change, drive away new players in droves, and have a feeble cash shop that offers next to nothing - well then, I have a jump-bridge in New Eden to sell you.

You can bet that right now, PA is quietly reviewing the issues that need addressing with CCP/EVE, putting together a team of ‘advisors’ that will be ‘gifted’ to CCP to ‘help integrate the companies’, and after that it will be PA calling the shots.

As DeM.C. has said, expect the game to become a lot more oriented towards cash shop/microtrans, and a lot more new player friendly - at least ‘come in, try it out, spend $10 on this cool thing!’ friendly.


I sadly can see a population of morons treating the game as a collection of mini-games, which would be necessary for your … uh … “vision” … to work. Many of these infect the game already, but many of those also tend to quit quickly, when a nerf to farming or easy winning happdns.

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Actually for useful changes in the game to work, whether they be cash shop or others, it is only ‘necessary’ for hide-bound, high-sec carebear pseudo-PvPers (like you) to look farther ahead than 10 years ago. The world has moved on, games have evolved new mechanisms, EVE is not the mighty bastion of elite intelligent players you like to pretend it is (a brief browse of the forums and chat channels will show that).

CCP has new masters, and they won’t sit around and let decade-old thinking and players who can’t adapt to the current state of gameplay stop them from earning their hundreds of millions back.

CCP has a fairly brief window in which to get ahead of the game with changes that they have some control over. After that, they will lose that opportunity and the shots will be called elsewhere.

(Kind of a laugh to see a loudmouth, most of whose kills consist of high-sec pods and frigates, talking about ‘morons leaving when the easy wins are nerfed’.)


I’ve seen that happen with older games I’ve played where the intention with the acquisition, after a lot of PR speak saying otherwise, was to basically shutdown that game in a manner intended to force the player base to buy their new IP - suffice to say it backfires badly. Doubt it will happen here but you never know I’ve become quite cynical over the years. This is generally the problem when you get businessmen calling the shots on hard numbers and strategy without understanding why people play games and not being gamers themselves.

You, too, are invited to come to Urlen, a 1.0 system, and getting your ass handed to you by a -10, so you can then go to the forums crying about -10 players in highsec who have it easy.

No alts allowed, so you can’t cheat.

Microtransactions are fine tbh as long as they don’t give pvp/pve advantages.

I’m pretty sure Pearl Abyss will leave CCP alone, or at least keep a hands-off approach unless it’s something they can offer assistance with and CCP is looking for said assistance.

They know that if they just went and steamrolled over EVE they would get a lot of negative media attention. Of course Pearl Abyss’s interest in the game and CCP was more than just EVE or the playerbase.

PA wants the Chinese server/market, we’re just something extra they got in the deal.


So far 6 months later nothing has happened except a lot of bears hoping for PvP nerfs.

Hope in one hand ■■■■ in the other and see which fills first.

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There have already been changes to the wardec system.

But it really doesn’t matter to me. CCP won’t get my $15 per month though.

But most EvE players don’t care if CCP has to lay off RL people, or have a crumbling IT infrastructure. Just as long as they can shoot anyone in the face anywhere, anytime, for any reason.

That had nothing to do with PA, but keep “hoping”.

We’ve also seen an astonishing number of whining beggars looking for CCP to interfere with EVE’s “Market PvP” to let them buy PLEX for fewer ISK. The facade is cracking …

More crap like guardians gala. Never forget. Never forgive.


I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

May I suggest you take a short break, get your heart rate down, then come back and edit it so it makes sense?

I won’t promise to reply, but I’ll remove this if you make your post coherent.

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I’ve actually assumed you’d understand. I admit I made a leap there.
Next time I catch you posting in context I’ll connect the dots for you.

With the desert makers reputation can it possibly not change for the better? After all, money talks, all else walks. :slight_smile:

Nice necro :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look at this KB warrior!