Suggestions for Pearl Abyss to Revitalize Eve

You’ve got Pearl Abyss trying to manipulate the game towards monetization out of greed…while Star Citizen fan boys are actively trying to recruit Eve and ED players away for the $$$ to get Star Citizen out of beta state… This combo is clearly hurting this great game… Here are my suggestions to stop it…

  1. Stop the manipulation/limitting of resources and undo the nerfing towards the greedy monetization effort…

  2. Undo the market listing/relisting charges implemented 2+ years ago…and just implement a 24 hour relisting wait period to prevent players from laying on their market items and constantly relisting them making it unfair for more casual players to compete… I believe that this would revitalize the in-game economy to it’s former glory…which is what really set this apart from the other games…

  3. And finally (I’m going to take some crap for this one)…stop manipulating the game to drive players out of high sec and force them to join corps… Pearl Abyss is all about making money off this game, right??? It doesn’t make any sense to make it harder for New Bros and solo players to survive in the game by making it more difficult to get ahead in high sec… Like nerfing Orcas so they can much more easily be ganked…taking away a solo player’s ability to mine in relative peace with it… The biggest problem with this game making subscription $$$ is that the cut-throat nature of it drives off a ton of new players and their subscriptions…and instead of making some adjustments to help keep new players, Pearl Abyss is going in the opposite direction to make it harder for them…

I hope Pearl Abyss makes some moves to stop the massive bloodletting of players from the game… I’ve played ED and SC…and there is still alot about this game that makes it unique from those games…

They pretty much stated the game is shutting down by end of year…

I don’t see how any of those changes will revitalize the game. They will just line the pockets of established players with more ISK.

Why assume PA has anything to do with current monetization? CCP isn’t doing anything now they didn’t do before PA came along, they’re just doing more of it.

That’s got more to do with the way they’ve driven out a big chunk of the paying player base over the last 3 years than PA. It’s also due to the fact that CCP is once again throwing your EVE money away on “other projects” and bleeding cash because of it.

Apparently 2 decades in and they still haven’t figured out that successful companies re-invest in their primary product lines.

If you really want PA to do something to revitalize EVE - have them retire the fossilized out-of-touch non-players running the show and hire in some fresh talent who actually knows what they’re doing.


Mind a citation? Or article that helped you make your statement so others could judge for themselves?


Minor typo, I think. Did you mean haven’t? Completely agree with your statement.


The only way to revitalize EVE is by implementing a toggle to remove the element of non-consensual PvP from its gameplay. As long as sociopaths like me are allowed to continue griefing players who just want to relax and run some PvE content with their friends, this game is going to continue its decline.


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Add more exotic dancers, with animations. Can be holographic even. They should do what exotic dancers do. Also add exotic dancer outfit for capsuleers.

And remodel Imicus to a symetric vertical banana shaped ship, without kickstand.

And add cat ears as haistyle.

These are very low hanging fruits that will improve game immensely.


that girl must be a genius

I think you’ve found the right combination of stuff that would revitalize the game. Not the least of which is the exotic dancers and outfits.

I still think a wheel ( of fortune ) at log-in with which players can win isk, ships, modules, PLEX, resources or outfits would attract a lot of players.


5 plex to roll again… yea this will be way too easy to milk lol… no ty


Genshin Evepact


That’s the idea :wink:

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It shuts down in the second week of September.

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