Whom are you loyal to?

Whom are you loyal to?
  • Edencom
  • Triglavians
  • Both
  • I don’t care

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poll needs neither


@Hans-Joerg_Seiler please edit the poll to include a “■■■■ you” option for those of us who feel strongly against the Triglavian Trilogy.


For the Alliance!!


Caldari first, Edencom second

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@Hans-Joerg_Seiler …I thought you left EvE…no?

Well sometimes Im coming back :slight_smile:

Whom are you loyal to?


:wink: :smirk: :dealwithitparrot:



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only nineties

Capsuleers have no loyalties.

I’m loyal to ISK.

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capsuleers have no loyaties… we are loyal to isk… what a ■■■■■■■■… i hope triglavinas will burn your world… all down to the ground

Who is offering the most cash?

biggest monkey in the game? chose one name from the ugly monument

I am a proud citizen of Caldari State and a supporter of EDENCOM forces.

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EDENCOM needs assault filaments in LP store, which would be using positive standings towards EDENCOM.

Loyal to:

  • God.
  • His Empress.
  • Her Empire.

If they require me to work with EDENCOM, The Caldari, or The Blue Wiffling Fairy then I will work in God’s name alongside them.

Princess Aiko

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