Imperials: Whom do you give your allegiance?

Inspired by a similar thread regarding Caldari megacorporations by Quelza I have created this thread because I wanted to try to get a general idea of how Faithful Capsuleers identify (or don’t) with the Royal Houses of the Empire. It seems so far State Capsuleers heavily favor the Ishukone Corporation and there’s a certain sense in that which would not have occurred to me before a poll showed it to be the case.

I wonder if Faithful Capsuleer polling might give insight into a similar trend. Maybe not but why not try? Please, if you’re kind enough to respond to the poll leave any comments on your background that you think might be relevant.

As I am conducting the poll I will not be giving a response so the Royal House to which I feel most aligned will remain non-public information and a closely held secret.

  • Ardishapur
  • Kador
  • Khanid
  • Kor-Azor
  • Sarum
  • Tash-Murkon
  • I Do Not Consider Myself Directly Allied to a Royal House

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To answer your lordship, my liege lord is a vassal of the House of Sarum, which grants his holding. My service and allegiance is sworn to him, and thus upward to that house.

I’m unsure as to how my background helps further illuminate this state of affairs. I was bred as a warrior, and once given the gift of freedom, immediately chose to bind myself by oath of fealty to my lord once again.

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Sarumites in the lead. Goodness, it’s almost as if the militant reclaiming is still on the agenda. Who’dathunkit?


I am and have always been loyal to the Ardishapur Family, of course.

Considering the violent purpose of the capsuleer, as we’ve talked about in your thread, it makes sense for most Amarrian capsuleers to be Sarumites.


My family are very minor Holders in Tash-Murkon region.

As such, it would be House Tash-Murkon that I would bear allegiance to.

However, not directly of course. In terms of planetary politics at least. We are obliged to support our planetary liege, who is in turn obliged to support our solar system liege, who is in turn obliged to support our constellation liege, who is a direct vassal of, and minor member of House Tash-Murkon. If any of our lieges changes allegiance, or releases their vassals from their obligation, then that would all change.

Capsuleering-politics is naturally a different matter, one whose structure has not yet been fully defined in Scripture.


My family have, for many generations, served in the Imperial Army. Their regiment is one that was founded by the Kador family during the initial Reclaiming of Amarr Prime. This was the main reason that they did not follow others of my race into exile with house Khanid.

I am the first of my family to test as capsule compatible. My siblings continue the military tradition however and I respect the ties that my family have to the house through their service.


My loyalty is first to god, then the Empress and her subordinate authority.

The House Sarum is the secondary authority I consider my own, I have spent most of my adult life in service to house Sarum.

I would follow no heir over the Empress and no Empire over god if the worst should come however. I am no kept Kameira who is owned by a house against god for the benefit of it’s lord or lady. I would not die beside a heretic against the Empire just because they were heir to Sarum.

I hope all others remember that the authority of the houses flows through the throne and the authority of the throne is from god should house loyalties be tested by another Khanid someday.

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But you have followed and died beside infidels in the Republic, against the Empire.


So, first of all, as you’ve noted yourself, it’s not like capsuleers really have a lot of influence over official Imperial policy. Also…

With voting as it presently stands, with each voter constituting about 5% of the vote, Sarum at 24%, and Tash-Murkon at 19%, if we make a completely wild and unjustifiable assumption as to where Lord Ibrahim of House Tash-Murkon’s allegiances lie, Tash-Murkon and Sarum are presently tied.


Hey, I didn’t choose to be one. Not that I’m complaining.


Followed and died? I remember mere days of flying solo and an arranged fight with you. I expect that I will kill more militia members still, That infidels and heretics will be my wingmen many more times. In things of more consequence than the C.E.W.P.A. conflict.

I am not going to falter in my service to god and the Empire because I was in the TSF, nor does killing Nauplius while he is enrolled in the 24th harm the Empire. Truly my purpose there was to learn. And should another Khanid betrayer appear, you will see why Kameiras learn to fight Amarrians.

If it is his will that you will not understand this then so be it. To me it is the same, a life in service to god. Blind or deaf of the purpose I still must follow. If he should lead me to oblivion then I go gladly.

So … uh, Ms. Ayallah, is there someone other than God whose orders you’re taking about this stuff?

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B***s***. You were a gung ho Republic loyalist, vocally so, before eventually deciding that you wanted to pitch camp in the Empire again. It wasn’t some “heretic purge” or “training operation”. And even if it was, those are hardly things that require flying the enemy’s flag. Consequence-less as the CEWPA conflict might be, principles are not.

You faltered in your service. Take responsibility and accept the guilt and shame for your actions instead of burying them under your ego.


You act as though CEWPA actually means anything what so ever. Business IS business after all. All of it is simply training, all of it is an income.

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The pendulum pretense may be entirely pointless, but picking a side still means picking a side. Betraying one side and then the other simply makes you twice the traitor.


The side you pick when war actually starts, the side you defend whether your enlisted with them or not is what matters. If you look at any of the sides (omitting more legacy groups, PIE, U’K, EM, T.R.I.A.D., ect) many groups, from my experience most groups, won’t be there in either of what I said prior. At this point your lucky if half a corp chosen at random can name the seven tribes. Do you think they care? Learning is all you can do. Any lesson, from any sides teacher will only help you when you or I are called to defend our republic, when Aldrith or Kernher are called to the empire, ect.


As if I wouldn’t shoot the traitorous scum on our side first, so they don’t get the chance to shoot me in the back. When they show they are willing and able to switch sides on a whim, they are no longer someone I would want in my fleets. I don’t care what reasoning they pick. If they fly draped in the flag of the Empire, they have ceased to be someone worthy of even the slightest acceptance or trust.

There’s a hundred if not a thousand places to fly and learn that does not belong to the enemy, and choosing to fly with the enemy rather than all those other places is simple betrayal. There’s no way around that.

These aren’t some random CD victims. These are people who have professed loyalties and then betrayed them. Often several times. This isn’t the act of a traitor to you?


More Ardishapurites than I’d expected to see. Seems like it’d be difficult to get yourself into a capsuleer program coming from such an emphatically conservative religious background. I had to spend a few decades in naval service, patrolling the Ardishapurs’ holdings in the Mandate, before I had the kind of money and clout to get myself into one of the programs. But perhaps I had a hard time of it because of my ethnic background. I’ve nothing but admiration for the Ardishapur Family, and especially for the late Lord Yonis, but it’s a sad fact that the prejudice is strong in the Ardishapur demesne. Sometimes I even think that the slaves get better treatment there, since the Holders are bound by Scripture to “uplift” their slaves via solid education and religious guidance.

Thank goodness for that recent Theology Council decree confirming the transfer of the soul between clones. I might actually be able to go back home once in a while without being called a demon by the locals.


They would be, they declared their loyalty and declared their loyalty to their enemies. Pretty sure our only major fork in this is, when do they stop being a traitor? Are people like Val still a traitor for flying with Pyre in the 24ic? She still a traitor in your eyes after leading a corporation, one which I was in mind you, in the TLF? Trying to make pennance for past transgressions and such? Intention is key, though personally i still probably wouldnt blindly trust them unless i knew them well enough.

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I consider myself a servant of the Empire as a whole, but of the Heir Houses I am closest to Kor-Azor. I firmly believe in diplomatic solutions and forging a lasting peace.