Why antigank?

So, brief story time:

The Python Cartel boys and I would suicide hulks for the lulz every now and then, then one day we noticed the pod would warp to the station, dock, undock, and warp straight back to the belt. And this kept happening.

So we realized these were bots. A lot of bots.

That’s when I decided I could go for a tripple whammy:

  1. We could blow up lots of game-ruining bots
  2. I could make content/fun for all my piratical friends/enemies/frenemies
  3. I could get the attention and validation I so desperately needed at the time (I was not doing well, down to 50kgs @ 6foot3)

And thus Hulkageddon was born.

Lots of people had great fun (shout outs to the clever miners who’d share Intel on their competition)

And it ended up saving my life, because if I could do all this in a game, surely my abject failure IRL made no sense? So after Hulkageddon I sought help, got the medication I needed to function normally, and bought my first house only two years later!

The End!


As an addendum, this whole endeavor wasn’t altruistic or anything, and I don’t want to suggest such.

People who were so detached from the community they were oblivious to the event got popped, and they cried on the forums, and we laughed at them.

That’s just EVE, and I certainly won’t apologize. Sometimes you do the blam, sometimes you get blam’d.

Deal with it.


Miners like the Hulk because it is BIG and STRONG.

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Compensation for small epeens

Speaking of…

Where’s our local epeen troll?

Why not @ ping?

Because even I draw a line on trolling.

Tied up and thrown into tha back of an abandoned ibis.


Dagan holds a secret!

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Imprisoned forever in his pod.

His face contorted in rage as yet to find a way to change his pod goo .

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Pod goo would be similar to differential oil that doesn’t require changing.

/old school don’t care for a little grime in the pods

So, instead of changing a baby’s nappies , just fill the nappies with differential oil?

What would be the purpose of that? Nothing you can do that would prevent people from using cheap catalysts to gank ventures. Might as well just argue in local if you’re going to grief.

The main reason people join/infiltrate hi-sec groups is that they are spy :male_detective: alt farms. You can easily spin up a new toon, get a kill board going, make a few posts and you’ll fool most people. You just need to keep posting with the alt the better cover you need.

I can’t imagine anyone using the persona of a Safety. member to fool anyone or do it for any real reason other than to RP.

Considering the person you are responding to, the answer is: Frostpackers could infiltrate the ganker groups, bore the gankers beyond the edge of rage quitting with their constant wordsalads and roleplay, driving the gankers out of the game and the forums. The perfect plan of making ganking an extinct playstyle.

:upside_down_face: :smirk: :blush:


Only one problem, it is the Frostpackers we are talking about.

They make good puppys but gankers and spys? Not so much.

Took some creative liberties for comedic effect. :stuck_out_tongue: