Why are Amarr missionaries so bad at converting people?

You’ve all seen them. Amarr missionaries haranguing people on space stations. People bothering you as you shop, asking you if you have a moment to talk about saving your soul from eternal damnation. Who don’t take the first refusal to engage as a hint, and keep talking at you, even after you thought you made yourself clear that you’re not wanting to talk.

Does it make people convert to the Amarr religion ? No. It does not. It is laughably ineffective at converting people. It recruits no-one who wasn’t already thinking of embracing the Amarr religion.

So why do they do it, when it is so ineffective ?

The answer, is that it is, and never has been, about converting new people, but to prevent people leaving the Amarr religion.

You see, it has the effect of creating a sense of group loyalty in the would-be missionary, loyalty to the Amarr Faithful. And it is extremely effective at that.

The rejection the missionary receives is more important than the few people they do manage to convert. Why ? Because it makes the missionary experience a level of discomfort when around the people they’re trying to talk to. Those people become “the Others”. These feelings of discomfort disappear when the missionary returns to their own congregation - the Faithful.

So why is missionary training a significant part of education in many parts of Amarr ? Simple.

The missionary is sent out into the harsh universe to experience rejection time and time again, mainly because missionary training is designed to make the would-be missionary extremely annoying. So they are rejected by the foreigners they attempt to talk to.

Then, these brave missionaries return from the cruel universe to their congregation, to be welcomed and treated as returning heroes. They are now safe from the cruel harsh outside. The missionaries and the rest of the Faithful bond as they share the experiences of attempting to reach out to the godless heathens to bring them the Light.

Which teaches them, and teaches them pretty well, that the only place they are accepted is with people who think like they do. The universe is the enemy, but the Faithful love you.
“Uniform Thought is the Way of Life.” as the Scriptures say.

And so they become more and more reliant on their congregation - the Faithful, because they know that the “Others”, the godless heathens, reject them.
“Surround yourself with the faithful, Stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens.” as the Scriptures say.

And that’s why Amarr missionaries are bad at converting people. Because they were never meant to succeed.


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Why would someone destroy their own credibility so flagrantly?

You imply that she ever had any credibility…

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I don’t know this person… I guess now I have some idea.

I’m sorry for your loss.

Your analysis would make alot more sense if the Amarr religion would be a small cult compared to the general population. What you describe is a favorite technique used by certain cults & groups to retain their members & isolate them from society to control them better & paint the outside world as Evil.

However Amarr have no need for this. When their missionaries return after a day of work, they don’t return to some small group to be welcomed by; albeit it would happen at remote Amarr faith circles in other nations. I’d imagine that helps to strengthen their bonds & faith.
An Amarr missionary only has to look at the grandeur & might of the Amarr Empire to show what his True Faith can do. He doesn’t need reassurance that his faith is true. The existence of the Amarr Empire as the largest, oldest and (to them) greatest of nations is enough proof of that.

The problems of recruiting additional followers is not so much in the Amarr faith itself in my opinion but rather how the whole deal of slavery is mingled in with it. As I recall 3 of the 4 main nations abhor slavery so that is not a good starting ground to gain new followers beyond the Empire.

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Sami, I’ve learned a lot of things in this line of work, and lesson one is what’s worth opening my mouth for and what isn’t.


“this person” ?

I am Professor Valate, Greatest Sani Sabik capsuleer philosopher of the modern era.

A lesson I feel we all can benefit from.

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Well, that comes off more as an excuse for the Amarr’s inefficiency at propagating their religion than a proper explanation of things. It would mean that they are not willing to use soft power to convert people at all -which means I can sleep tight for all my nights to come- but I don’t think that’s the case. Given their increasingly unsustainable situation, I am sure they would appreciate a flow of outsiders coming in to bolster their middle ranks. Several factors make that an uphill battle though, not the least because their faith doesn’t leave a good first impression (what’s the welcome package like anyway?), but also because conversion involves a lot of bureaucracy. The more effort converting takes, the fewer people who actually bother.

So what is an Empire to do if they would like to extend their influence on the cluster, when they hit dead ends on more traditional channels? Well, I don’t claim to be an expert on such things, but perhaps looking for more libertarian tendencies within the Empire, individuals who have a more lax view of the faith, joining them for their regular Saturday tea, gently offering them a relocation deal outside the Empire, providing them financial backing and monitoring how the situation develops will help? Even though the sects established by these people may be heretical (sigh, Theology Council ruins everything), it still means wider following of Amarrian thought over the rest of the cluster, which will in turn allow for more lobbying, more media presence, and more people signing up for the real deal and taking the jump to God’s Empire- “reclaimed” parts of it, at least. Whatever may be the case, if missionaries are the height of Amarr efforts at conversion, Sanists are going to win that one.

It’s because the missionary’s position gets boring, I think.


And no-one should mistake that for a person.

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I suppose that depends on whether you’re just laying back and letting it all happen or really getting hands-on with your work.


Heh. You won’t find much luck on Gallentia. You’re basically competing with millions of other native gods. We also aren’t fond of strict, harsh religions and jealous gods who claim all other but itself as false.

Well, now that they’ve put you on the spot, I’d say you really shouldn’t chase waterfalls. You don’t have to one-up or face-off with anyone here. This is something you’re quite the expert on; you’re the heir to the throne on this. Don’t let these cowgirls put you in the hot seat.


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I’m usually too tied up for a hands-on approach to my work.


Can you people just have one thread where it doesn’t devolve into the typical psychosexual maelstrom of third rate Capsuleer innuendo? Pretty please?

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I agree.

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Don’t blame me, I was trying to have a serious argument about why my cake and scripture meetings are more successful than shouting at people, but people ruined it with smut talk.