Why are there no Triglavians on SISI at this time?

Agency shows me no invasions and I can’t find a single Emerging Conduit.
When VIP mode was turned off on SISI I really hoped to refine my ship for doing Emerging Conduits.

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The same, want to test Leshaks fittings. Searched for around an hour, nothing.

I suspect Singularity is running the Invasions Chapter 2 build but they are only enabling the new/changed features they want to test. The Triglavian content will be new or changing so they probably don’t want to spoil the surprise.


they disabled the conduit sites long ago ant they wont put them back on untill they want to test something…

I would suspect the reason to be that CCP do not want people to theorycraft fits without risk, this also happened when they released Abyssal Deadspace.

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Dear ISD sakimura,emergent conduits are notthing to theorycraft same as for roaming triglavian fleets. i guess they should be permitted

While it is nice that CCP leaves the test server open for us to play on, it’s primary purpose is for testing the server. Bugs etc. Not for low risk theorycrafting.

still not valid reason to take away them.

Sure it is. They have decided to leave trig content off the test server. It may not be a trivial matter to add only some trig content to the server.

Given that the purpose of the server is not for us to theorycraft for free but to help test server features they are under no obligation to put more work into the test server just for us to play on.

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For one thing playing the content on sisi is the same as checking it for bugs.
I’d like to know what “server features” you have on mind.
For 2nd thing Eve is complex, blindly searching what exactly is new or changing stuff on sisi for sure isn’t easy, with exception of event sites in announced events. And yeah, how come all the events could be played on sisi and used to refine fits but trigs aren’t?
The one only thing I’ve ever heard it musn’t be on test server is moon goo arrangement in (iirc mostly nullsec) moons.

Another thing is sisi is a public server. There may be some other games with public testing servers but I can’t recall even one.
And also would CCP want only bug hunters there then they would allow only members of ECAID, one of the ISD corps but somehow this isn’t the case. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Interstellar_Services_Department#Equipment_Certification_and_Anomaly_Investigations_Division_.28ECAID.29
Even recent VIP mode is the only one I know of. Maybe there were others but I’ve never seen them.

And yet another thing is Emerging Conduit sites are the source for spawning NPC Damavik roaming squads, which by far aren’t as easy to kill as other belt rats, visit data and relic sites unlike any other rat when it comes to (non ghost) pirate faction sites, and get respawned in a system immediately after killing entire squad. The only way to remove them is to kill the site. Site which drops up to 40mil and usually more than 2x less iirc. At the same time trigs spawned from it were major pain for miners and newbies.

So people being able to access every other PvE content in the game including DED 10/10 sites, but not Triglavian content, does not make a sense on such a basis, even if it is the reason.

The only reason I can cope with is preserving server resources.

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yes I too went looking for the first time today and well as u all know there are no minors to test. doesn’t it say in the ccp write-up about singularity about testing fits and ship changes? I would assume this is ok to do as there are no rules forbidding it. I was really looking forward to … yes low risk fit tweaking. Am I a bad person/player now for wanting that if it’s available?

Everyone did this when ned content went up on the test server. They tried to find the best way to do things withoit losing anything. CCP doesnt want that anymore.

No there is nothing forbidding it. The point is that this isn’t the PRIMARY purpose of having a test server. So if CCP decides not to include content on the test server that is their prerogative.

We should be happy that ccp leaves the test server up most of the time for us to use for whatever we want. It is quite nice of them

What we probably shouldn’t do is get an entitled attitude that ccp owes us anything regarding what is included on the test server

trig invasion is back in 1 system. have fun while its still on

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