Why can't I be a cat girl?

Cat girls exist in new eden

I have billions of isk

I need to infiltrate the gallente

gallente are degenerate simple minded fools

the only thing stopping me is CCP not giving me the tools.

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  1. Are you drunk?
  2. Because EVE in an exploration of humanity, not aliens, especially since aliens as portrayed in most sci-fi are simply a facet of humanity given a different skin in order to label them as ‘other’

but again cat girls are pretty common with in the setting particularly in the gallente empire. Im also not sure how this isn’t fitting as an exploration into a humanity that has well… surpassed it’s humanity and become immortal demi gods.

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:cat: :cat: :cat:

I’ve never seen a cat girl. If that’s what the Caldari propaganda tells you, maybe you should listen less to it. :cat2:

Cat girls aren’t even the extreme end gallente are really big into gene and body modding

Well, I can’t argue against that. Therefore, if it makes you happy, I hope you get your cat ears!

But in the meantime, you don’t need them to “infiltrate” the Gallente. We always welcome our Caldari brothers and sisters with open arms. Even without such augmentations.

You should become a fedo-girl. Not cat-girl

that before or after you glass entire continents full of civilians

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