Why can't I buy a neural remap with PLEX?

That remap thing once a year is very useful, however… If you’ve changed your plans or have a kind of hybrid skillplan, you are forced to go with the most beneficial solution, which still saves you at least SOME time.

I would consider spending some PLEX for a bonus remap every once in a while. Have it on a 3 month cooldown, if you think, it’s too powerful to remap on demand. Planning ahead for a year is not too much to ask, but consider that plans may change with your individual situation.

We could train into our desired skills a little faster and CCP earns a little more money.

The actual price / amount of PLEX for a remap can surely be figured out.

Any thoughts?

After introducing the Daily Alpha Injector, CCP stated that they are currently looking at the Attribute system. We’ll likely see a revamp, perhaps with more frequent remaps.

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