Why can't the Pandemic Horde standing fleet manage to kill Syeed Ameer Ali?

They haven’t killed the resident pirate of MJ-5F9 since last May. He seems to be able to live in their space and farm ratters with impunity. Why is this going so badly for them?

  • They’re only in Horde because their applications to Karmafleet were rejected for failure to meet minimum PvP standards.
  • Too much blue donut has made them fat and slow. It’s like watching 150 Homer Simpsons chase 1 Bart on a skateboard.
  • Syeed is just really, really good at PvP. They’re doing a really great job trying to kill him, but unfortunately, they are just totally outclassed.
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Option 4: Nobody really cares and theyve got better things to do

Yeah that keepstar ain’t gonna sit on itself, is it? If they don’t whinge that there’s no content, who will?

Haha I kid. In fairness, they chase me around all the time. I’m sure they are giving it their best effort.

maybe they dont care becouse you just can shoot ratting ships and run away like a baby from every other content which can shoot back

Dangit! If only there were ways to stop people from warping, you might have a chance.

:parrot: :parrot: :parrot:

but if you dont agress any other ships then ratting vexor and thorax you dont show up and they cant catch you :wink: you will be dead if you just engage PvP ships but you refuse to du so xD