Why CCP is headed to Failure

…for locking all threads that do not repeat the preferred narrative.

Discussing moderation.

In b4 :closed_lock_with_key:

Let’s see how long it will take. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Is it… for failing to perma-ban the IP of all repeat trolls?

also they ■■■■ FW
the amount of spineless farmers in low sec ATM breaks my heart
bad ccp bad

please buff null sec to hell so they can have all the trash again …

Wasn’t this update supposed to make FW great?

they fail :sob:

Yes, but because the same old problem of original EVE gameplay mechanics. EVE is too easy to bot, the mechanics are too friendly to be implemented in a Turing machine.

No matter how many changes they made, if they don’t change EVE to a little more active gameplay, where awareness matter, where machines would made themselves obvious by reading UI and memory state and players would be required to pay attention or bot, instead of simple macros / scripts, well then these “new” stuff will always have the same outcome.

The irony is, I biomassed because this, and after writing my first proof of concept web-text-game, the first thought on my mind was: “this crap is so bot friendly”, which made me more calm and understanding, so that’s why one only play EVE for real when massive Pew Pew is involved, since bots cannot contemplate all outcomes from simple scripts.

Not sure if I helped, but seemed like a nice post to reply. Also HELLO! Good to be back without any asset and zero money. kewk.

TL;DR CCP is doomed by their past, not really by their current decisions. Don’t hate them much. :laughing:

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the problem is that CPP LOOOOOOVESSSSSS N+1 isk printing machines
and the players to

i miss wen there was “nothing to do in LS”

no need
the players behave like bots
james was right …

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You’ve got it backwards.

EVE mostly retains players who don’t mind bot-like behavior, because EVE is designed around bot-like behavior.

More than half the activities in EVE are essentially designed for bots, because the only way the original designers could conceive of to create their “Ultima Online Ganks in Spaaace” vision was to make players sit for hours in space doing repetitive things.

That way they’d get bored mining, or missioning, or even travelling from point A to B, and they’d stop paying attention - and that would make them good safe targets for the kind of player that likes to hide in a bush and backstab some noob on his way to the bank.

If you design your game around mindless repetition, don’t be surprised when half the players in it are the ones who don’t mind doing mindless repetition.

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I was mistaken

CCP made 5 man and big fleet farm with friends sites
they are the new HOT thing
get on coms and print isk uncontested
almost no one is doing PVP

I’m doing OFC but the fun is gone
the fact that my militia AND the enemy militia are a bunch of OMG THE HORROR low bears :sob:


zKillboard says that since Uprising launched, FW kills and ISK destroyed have increased about 20-30%.

Maybe you’re just not adapting to what’s going on?

20% more? totally not worth it , to ■■■■ it all

look at solo kills , I’m curious

now its a lot like null
farm in fleets
meaningless fights
accidental fights because most are uncontested because why try to kill a fleet wen you can farm in other site

i presume some pirate corps like smile and wave had a increase in kills to , they are fine, may be good for them

i have 21 solo kills this week
2 or 3 good fights , 2 or 3 worthy opponents , rest bot people
you are right I’m not adapted to a bunch of cowards

btw im salty
but i just put 400 milion more in ships there as i posted
i know what to do
but the fun is gone… the sad part is that people like it

eve imitates life , clown world :clown_face: clown eve :clown_face:


Wait, how was my post flagged?

just got a post flagged to , must be the same person

i don’t care i know im a bit salty

your post is a mystery because there is nothing bad about it

How even? They can implement different NPC behavior that makes things like seagulling hard to impossible (see the on-grid-warping diamond NPCs). The problem is not lack of vision in terms of mechanics, the problem is the lack of players filling these complexes with combat pilots to drive away the simple farmers.

Things where awareness matters are even easier to bot than the current things because humans are bad at being aware of things. Humans have limits on how much things they can keep in mind, pay attention to and check continuously. Bots don’t have any of these limitations.

Just edit it and it will appear again.

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