Why did I leave a Buzzard in Palas?

Many years ago I did the Amarr epic arc exactly once, taking the path that sides with Amarr (ending with the Noble implant).

Among my L4-ish mission loot from the missions, I see a Buzzard sitting in station w/ a covops cloak and a couple of istabs.

Why would I have done this? The only thing I can think of is that I misunderstood the arc while reading in advance and mistakenly believed I -had- to go to lowsec… ? Anything else PvE in that immediate vicinity / area that calls for a covops frigate? The only time I ever visited Palas that I can remember was for the arc…

It is quite plausible that is was done for low sec, because LS is possible in both branches of the Amarr arc:

If you took the Amarr choice is normally high sec systems. But 1 specific mission near the end has a small chance of being in low sec. (I’ve only had it in LS a very small number of times, so I don’t know the chance %) This could have been the reason for the ship.

If you took the Sansha choice, it has up to 4 low sec systems at the end.

You also forgot that expensive ship with all the blingy modules in the hangar in another place - the reason for that one is you were going to contract it to me for free. :smiley: :wink: :rofl: Ok sorry, just joking :smiley:

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