Why do all Solar systems in EVE only have one sun?

If the system assumes there is one sun and all other objects are based around that there could be a workaround for having more that one “sun”. You could make an “invisible sun” at the Lagrange point of the stars you want in system and just put the “suns” in as planets in the system. That s assuming you even need to put a filler invisible sun instead of just adding a sun to the system the way a planet is. It would be neat to a 2+ suns in a system but from what little I understand one sun all-ways comes out as the winner as it strips the others bare. And gravitation-ally one sun is the same as 4 past a certain distance.

Right, there’s a work around for just about anything, i would imagine that the science part of this game would be important. Also as stated before binary or triple star solar systems would looks really cool and provide some nice fighting areas.

Do planets actually rotate around their stars in EVE or are they static on the map?


Funny thing too is stars and planets don’t grow larger or smaller as you pass them. They just appear full size when you warp there at 0. Its kinda freaky sometimes. SUPRISE sun!

Unless you drive your ship DEEP into the sun then it gets small

lol never tried that. My puny brain will not let me fly into a sun even an imaginary one…

FC: Oh ■■■■, fleet warp to sun warp to sun warp to sun, regroup at sun
Members 1,2,6, and 15 in unison: WHICH SUN?!? FC WHAT DO??

If your FC cant see there are two suns your fleet has bigger problems.I dont see it as any different then saying warp to moon 1 and there are 6 planets…

Really shouldn’t make it a habit to warp to sun, it’s easily known

If im running i try to align to at least 2 objects in a line, the more objects the lower the initial chances.

I was being facetious mostly lol. Someone inexperienced and quite used to only having one sun.

Usually when we rally at sun, it’s because we’re getting ready to regroup and get back into the fight. As close to a mulligan as you can get.

Nope. I speak of Earth and her sisters in the Sol system.

The Sun/Sol is our name for our local star. Thus it is the only star system that can be called the solar system.

Every other star system is a star system that should be named after the local star.

In short. The Sun is a star, but not all stars are “suns”.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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You’ve blown my mind.

Well it is not the Lagrangian point we are coming out of warp at. Yet I do wonder what kind of orbit it is as I can see the planet surface move past me.

As our solar system has a single star, people can relate to other single star systems more easily.

It is not just EVE that does this, it is every major sci-fi series within the last few decades. Binary systems are seen as a novelty by many, even though that shouldn’t be the case.

I find it pretty ugly that orbiting objects (Stations, planets, moons) actually don’t orbit nothing, they just float statically in the same position forever.

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I just remembered the Trinary star system in Pitch Black, and died a little bit more inside. I’m pretty sure Kepler rolled over in his grave.

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Elite Dangerous has spoiled me, they do it correctly. Looks awesome too. Jita A, Jita B would be the stars. Jita A Planet 1 Moon A would be an example of orbiting bodies.

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They’re not solar systems and the stars are not suns, so the question is silly.

“Sun” is the name of our star. “Solar system” is the name of the system, based on the other name of our star: Sol. I don’t know why CCP isn’t collectively ashamed of themselves for this.