Binary Star Systems!

Binary Star systems would be so cool the colour contrast on this ships and the weird looking solar system map + 2 SUNS!


Something something lore, binary suns break gates. I think. Not too solid on the lore.

Other way around, technically all systems are binary for gates to work, but the partner star could be way off and small, therefore not functionally part of the solar system as far as planets go, but close enough to count as a binary still.

Is that even possible though? I’m no astrophysicist, but I did play KSP at a holiday inn express one night. That should make me an expert.

In a binary system they orbit around a barycenter… their collective gravity act on each other to do this. A partner star remaining permanently far away would have to be in orbit around the “parent” star itself (as a binary would have periods where they approach each other to maintain that barycenter).

And I’m honestly not sure that a solar system could be stable with such a configuration (a star orbiting another star). I’d expect the second sun to throw everything else out, and eventually they’d antagonize each other enough to just fly apart themselves.

Eh. Submarines in space… submarines in space… just don’t think about it.

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They can be out at ranges like 0.1 LY and still be technically paired, but far enough away it doesn’t impact on the planets.

Jupiter could have been a sun if it was a bit bigger and then we’d be living in a binary system, too.


It’s actually very common to have a detached binary system in which two stars orbit around the center of mass of the system with neither of them having filled their Roche lobes. And so you have no mass transfer between the two stars. You could have for example a young binary system with the primary star in the giant phase (so very large and redder) and the companion star in main sequence (smaller and bluer). This could be surely a very cool system to lock upon in game, and probably you could plant a stargate somewhere until the mass transfer between the two stars begin.

Eh… IIRC even if you were to combine Jupiter and Saturn together there still wouldn’t be enough mass for fusion to start. Close, but no cigar. I guess on astrophysical terms 3-400 more Earth masses isn’t much.

To me though this would still require that they have a barycenter, which in turn would mean that they would not always be distant from each other.

Did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express as well? Cause you definitely sound like you know what you’re talking about.

I gave the example with Jupiter, because we do have several planets between Jupiter and Sun. We also have an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and it’s believed that it could have made another planet if it wasn’t for the strong gravitational field of Jupiter. Yet, if Jupiter was bigger and was a dwarf star might we have Mercury and Venus still left in between, with Earth and Mars being shredded into belts. The point I was trying to illustrate is that there can be smaller objects between two massive objects, and that we have it present in our own solar system. Not quite two suns, but it’s somewhat close.

I don’t understand if it’s a joke, I’m an astrophysicist.

Binary star systems exist in real life, thou most of them do not have systems that can sustain complex life as we know.

In fact we do have a type of binary system in eve already, it however, has not been developed by CCP. All wormhole systems that have a effect (ie, wolf-ra, pulsar, red giant, and black hole.) are binary systems

Yes, joke (more accurately, popular culture reference).

If I had to go back in time and choose a new profession, it’d undoubtedly be something involving space. Cool as ■■■■, most of that stuff.

Hahahahah, you see… I have been in a Holiday Inn :slight_smile: maybe is not a coincidence.
Yeah, from my experience, like many other science - related academic professions it’s actually quite fun and cool. On the downside you work everyday, mostly you make your schedule, you never stop studying and you’ll never be a millionaire.

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To me one of the biggest possible upsides in life. I do IT work, and it’s an ever-changing field. Always new products, new concepts, existing stuff evolves, gotta keep on top of them all to stay relevant. But on the flip side, it keeps the mind agile.

While you won’t ever get rich, you will have plenty of knowledge and the ability to use your mind. That in and of itself is enough, assuming wages make for a comfortable life.

I imagine

FC: All align sun align sun
Grunts : mm which sun?

FC: The one on the left.
Scout: Your left or mine?!

According to lore (the link in my last post), every system we can visit in EVE is a binary system.

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