Why no binary star systems

New Eden has 0
altough they are pretty common.

Lore explanation ?


Because according to PA , the Earth is flat !

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Every system in the cluster of k-space is a binary star system, but I think from the Lore, the second star is small and orbits well outside our area of operation in each solar system.

Section 3 in particular:

## 3 - The principles of jump gate technology.

Jump gates are built around artificial wormholes, created by exploiting gravitational resonances found in binary systems. This resonance is as a friction between gravitational waves of stellar objects, the more massive the objects, the stronger the resonance between them. Positions of planets in a solar system, as well as the complex structure of dust rings around heavy planets illustrate this resonance.

These stable wave patterns com in a succession of standing wave patterns, similar to those created on a guitar string.

In binary systems there exists strong resonance phenomenons, where the gravitational field of two stars in a stable binary formation would interfere with each other, like ripples from two wave sources. These stable wave patterns come in a succession of standing wave patterns, similar to those created on a guitar string. The strongest resonance is the 1:1 resonance (the first harmonic, so to speak), with two stationary node points situated in the center of each of the two stars. The second strongest resonance is the 1:2 resonance (the second harmonic), where an additional stationary node point appears in the field exactly mid-way between the stars (if of equal mass), and so on for successive resonances.

Also worth noting that the EVE cluster isn’t the full galaxy. It’s only the handful of stars (+ j-space) that we know were colonised by the Empires. So there may be many other binary systems around, but the way they are formed doesn’t suit the technology used for jump gates.


Our distant plannets are so far that the sun is indistinguishable from other solar stars. So you could be in a binary system in eve and not even notice as the star is so far away.

Our gas giants could well have become stars if they managed to scoop up more gas in their early years.

Devs are too lazy to implement binary and trinary systems.

Then why not just jump to the second (or third) sun like you can a planet…

–Gadget Rt clicks


Because it would be around a 4000au warp or an hour stuck in warp tunnel, would be good for afk camping.

I liked my 4000 au safes back in the day.

Because when EVE was created eighteen years ago the existence of binary solar systems being common in our universe wasn’t widely known or recognized as true.
Now CCP could add twin suns to 90% of the New Eden systems but, really, why would they do that? It’s not cost effective and wouldn’t add much to the game at all.
Anyway, I don’t think it interesting to see a nerfed sun.

Are you sure about that?
I think this has been common knowledge for a long time:

“English astronomer William Herschel (1738–1822) made the first discovery of a true binary system in the 1700s. He observed the motion of a pair of stars and concluded that they were in orbit around each other. Herschel’s discovery provided the first evidence that gravity exists out-side our solar system”

Thank you Wikipedia!

My problem with this stuff is that Eve has no gravity, nothing orbits anything else (with the exception of our ships and drones) and in fact nothing at all is moving in relation to anything else (same exception there with another: NPC ships).
What I would love to see is actual orbits, the need to navigate them, and collisions based on something other than simply bouncing off. I should NOT bounce off the sun, I should auger in at horrendous velocity and die screaming as my ship melts and I begin to ignite.
Being able to establish a stable orbit should result in orbiting the object you are in the proximity of, failing to do so should require the use of propulsion to achieve escape velocity or to establish an orbit or you should incinerate as you plummet into the atmosphere.
Plummeting into the atmosphere should result in a catastrophic explosion visible from space as you impact the planet or other object.
Asteroid belts should be very hazardous.
There should be meteors, comets and other potentially hazardous objects in space.
Some objects, especially stars and gas giants, black holes and so on should emit hazardous radiation that we must shield against or have to do repairs as a result of.
To a very limited extent we have some of that last stuff but it’s sort of silly to me, doesn’t seem realistic, and only effects what our ships can do, not the ships or the crew themselves (a notable exception to this can be found in the abyss).
I would also like to see a MUCH wider variety of objects. All of our planets and moons are largely the same from system to system. Procedurally generating these is a very good possibility just for the sake of appearance.
And finaly (I could go on forever about why Eve space is wrong, but that’s plenty for now) I would like to know how close to forming a singularity Jita is since it’s absorbed the entire travelable Galaxy at least a few times over. When will Jita 4/4 go main sequence, and when will it go supernova? When will it collapse into a black hole of our making? What will it suck in when it does?
How will this affect our precious economy?

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Distance between stars in binary systems can be quite varied, it can be 2AU, but it can be also a lightyear.

This is more about the graphic effects, but they could do it. Maybe they could even make a colonization expansion, when new stars would be discovered and claimed for empires or corporations, or capsuleers, and NPC and player infrastructure would have to be build. This way there is no need to add more stars to existing, established systems, which would be quite starnge when in one day an additional star appears close to the other, in the same system.

But there can be also ternary systems.

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It was known for a long time but I don’t think it was “common knowledge”. And, am I sure about that? No I’m not. These days I’m not even sure what kind of pudding I like to eat. Rice pudding is good but caramel flan is better? Flan isn’t even pudding, see what I mean?

I wouldn’t say it’s a problem but the lack of orbital mechanics is definitely silly. There is no Gravity in EVE but then again, there is no blood either.

Yeah… Elite took that away from CCP.

Of course. Navigating an asteroid belt to mine should comprise more actions than warping in, heading to the rock and mine it. There should also be collisions with asteroids which should damage your ship ( if not blow it up ) forcing you to dock for repairs.
Imagine hitting a comet while in warp LOL

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

When the Market crashes, lol.

Hopefully Hilmar, a couple of ISDs and CSM members.

Bwahahaaaa! NO! I’m not paid for that.

I asked for a lore explanation and this man delivers.
You have my like, and potentially my kestrel.

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Yes. Scipio Artelius is pretty awesome. One of the best and more knowledgable members of these forum. And the name is kickass too.


Does this mean that ALL gates are set up in binary systems, or does just one end of connected gates need to be in a binary system?

–Curious Gadget

Cost too much.

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Seeing the double suns setting over Tatooine was cool to see in a film. Of course I was an uncommon astronomy nerd even back then. And that really sums it up: astronomy nerds knew.

Yes, so it wasn’t common knowledge, was it? I don’t remember when I did read that most suns had “twins”, I really don’t but I know it wasn’t before 1995.

Maybe the star systems identify as non-binary?

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