Why do all Solar systems in EVE only have one sun?

Most solar systems in the known universe have more then one star, i was wondering why does every solar system in EVE only have one?


It’s a great question, particularly because CCP’s old “Scientific Article” on the mechanics of interstellar travel and jump gate tech specifically states that the kind of gravitational conditions required for jump gate tech to work can only be found in binary systems.


who says this is the same universe?

I play elite: dangerous from time to time. The binary and triple star systems that actually move are pretty sweet


They are fine indeed…


Lol when I was new to E:D I made the false assumption that black holes couldn’t harm you…


This question is for Max Singularity.

okay so i have to imagine this or are those invisible brown dwarfs?

I hadn’t thought about this before, but now you’ve brought it to my attention it’s going to bug me forever.

So the answer is that it’s probably an assumption in the game’s database. 1 star identifying each system, and each system’s xyz coordinates are actually centered on the star.

There are other deviations from astronomy: none of the planets, moons, asteroid belts, stations, gates actually rotate in their “orbit”. There’s friction, ships stop if the engines are off. Ships orient themselves to fly like planes. Server doesn’t actually calculate how your ship is oriented (everything is a ball with no orientation). There’s no time delay to see supernovas happening on the other side of the map, even though it’s more than a few light-YEARS wide. There’s a North in every solar system. Ships can’t actually go straight up and straight down (there must be the slightest angle from vertical).


If I’m not mistaken, every moon and planet seem to be the same size regardless of what their details say.

So is every ship, actually. Well, more precisely, every ship’s texture. And it’s not just a side-effect that the external camera is proportionally linked to the ship size (you can’t zoom in past a certain point on your own ship - which makes all the ships look the same size at “maximum zoom”).

Some wormholes have two stars

Is this true? I never do wh’s.

Yes. They are listed as wolf-rayet and cataclyamic variables in the wh databases.


That is one.

Less than fracture of our galaxy system has been attached to the stargate network. We have only send construction ships to the one star system, because perhaps they were predicted to be more valuable and peaceful than multi star systems.

There is only one solar system in the known universe and it has only one sun.

Just sayin’

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He speaks of Jita ofc.

CCP in the Lore its pretty much the logical conclusion.

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Imagine the sun bounces if you could get your cap bumped by one of the stars in a binary system. Just park it in orbit and wait a couple days.

We must have this.