Why do I find this sooo funny lol

2017-11-03 14:43 By CCP Falcon

After several player reports of ships deciding not to listen when the self-destruct process is aborted, we would like to issue a warning notice to all pilots that the self-destruct system is currently not working as intended.

At present, there is an issue with the self-destruct system. Cancelling a self-destruct that’s less than 10 seconds away from completion will not stop the self-destruct (despite an according message being given if you cancel).

There have been several issues where pilots playing “self-destruct chicken” with their wingmen have lost ships due to this issue, and given that these kinds of games are common among pilots in New Eden, we’d like to advise against this action in future to avoid creating unnecessary and avoidable reimbursement requests.

A defect is currently being worked on for this issue, and we hope to deploy a fix soon.

In the meantime, if you would like to raise the stakes and gamble on whether or not your ship/pod/cargo/clone will make it out of a dangerous situation alive, we recommend heading on over to Rancer, Amamake, Mara, EC-P8R, HED-GP, Tama or Kamela instead!

Fly safe!


maybe its an easter-egg?


how bad do you have to be to screw something up that’s been in the game since its creation? lol

When you are trying to fix the tangled mess that is legacy code. All sorts of weird things might end up breaking inadvertently. Seriously that ■■■■ is a total mess. Like “if we screw with the pos’s code too much all of the Stargates might explode” kinda mess.

They have been working on migrating that clusterfuck to something more sane for a few years now. But it does mean some weird ■■■■ might happen along the way… frankly I’m just waiting for space cthulu to show up one day because they looked at asteroid spawning code too closely or something.

This is the best thing sinces POSes went Skynet

But still not as good as boot.ini…


Imagine what could have been done with all the cash CCP management flushed down the toilet with VR. All those coders who just got fired working on resolving the legacy code issues…sigh.

Throwing more coders at a problem does not always mean it gets fixed any faster. Especially when dealing with legacy code more often than not it just makes the problem worse.

Too many people working on one part of the code just makes a mess, and pulling on too many different strings at the same time can cause the whole thing to unravel. So multiple teams also causes issues.

It really sucks. But the legacy code problem is not one that can be fixed quickly no matter how much money you throw at it short of completely rebuilding the game from scratch. And with the direction recent development has gone. I shudder to think what that “eve 2” would look like.

For now I’m happy to wait patiently while they slowly rebuild the systems if that means maintaining some vague semblance of the game I fell in love with.

CCP, please fix the self-destruct system so that if anyone ever cancels a destruct, it continues counting until stopping on two seconds? Thanks.


Maybe im reading wrong but it reads like they are gonna create a defect to break the broken feature. Right?

That is just too funny. Holy hand grenades, Batman!

OMG you guys, can you grow up and be just a little more mature? Internet spaceships is serious business!

play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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