Why do I have to swap from spanish to english every time I open the forums?

Every time I open the forums a little thing pops up and it starts at Spanish for some strange reason, I’m an English speaker in an English country and I have to change it every single time its really annoying.

P.S. Forums lagging to hell for some reason as well.


Donde está la biblioteca?

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T_T nooooooo

Maybe CCP are like every country in the southern hemisphere = spanish xD

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Nvm found out you can permanently get rid of it with the 3 dot’s.

If anyone is having the same problem click the 3 dot’s and tell it that its crazy for even thinking spanish.

Btw, that thing is not related to this forum software. It’s part of your Chrome browser. If you want to remove it for good, check the chrome settings. I’m pretty sure you can disable that prompt to auto-translate pages there.

Welcome to Microsoft/Bienvenido a Microsoft/bienvenue à Microsoft/добро пожаловать в майкрософт/مرحبًا بك في Microsoft…
kwa kiswahili bonyeza moja. For English, press two, Pour le Français, appuyez sur troi, Paina lopuksi neljää…
3 hours later…
Hello, how may I help you today?


O ■■■■ thanks man, didn’t realize.
For some reason it doesn’t pop up on any other web site.

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