Why Do I Suck So Bad at PvP?

The easiest form of hunting is cloak somewhere near enough AUs to visible things.

Go to your over view. And “look at” each item on the list that you can fight at (not stations…not usually gates etc. But asteroid belts especially. Or complexes your ship will fit in."

Click the look at for that place, narrow your scan to smallest angle. Scan. See what’s there.

If something you can fight is there just warp in and see if hes at 0.

Here is the problem, Alphas doesnt have cloaking skill available to use. :anguished:

True, you don’t need to cloak though, you can just bounce between safe spots.

But that would mean more time spent in warp than actually watching the spot. Also means you will give someone a lot of time to warp out when you come, not good for choosing the positioning. So not the best method. Actually very bad method.



The best way to learn about pvp is to learn from another player. For a noob it’s pretty difficult to understand how you should fit a ship, what went wrong in a fight or what your options are in an encounter. So i recommend joining a corp that has an experienced pvp player if you want to learn more about pvp. Flying with others is generally a more enjoyable game too.

It also doesn’t hurt to ask the person who killed you what went wrong. Most are nice folks just looking for some pvp, so killing you usually isn’t personal. Send them a mail or start a convo. If you get a toxic response, just close it and move on. But that won’t be the usual reply.

This is also completely true. Pvp is hard for everyone unless you have an overwhelming tech or numbers advantage. Half the battle is being being better prepared, better equipped and having more friends than your opponents. Your best chances always lie with joining a corp that can support you. Safety in numbers is a real thing.

Very few players are ‘good solo’ pvp’rs. It takes a good while to get to that level and everyone takes plenty of losses, even at the top of their game. Rule number one of eve is ‘don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose’. Tech1 frigates are an excellent place to start solo’ing and I still love to fly em after 9 years.

Another general rule when you’re doing pve is that a fit that is effective for pve is bad for pvp and vice versa. Trying to fit for both usually means you suck at both. So either fit for pvp and accept that you’ll be less effective at pve, or fit for pve and accept that you should bail out if someone starts to come after you.

Finally before i go; learn to use D-scan. The directional scanner is the most useful tool for both hunting and avoiding hunters and every ship, even your pod, has one.


have a jump clone already in low and pay for some ships to be hauled there.

Doing PvE in EVE is pretty simple and gives you an impression of “how combat works in EVE” that is totally unsuitable for PvP.

In PvE you basically warp in, put up some defenses while starting to prioritize and lock targets, eliminate the targets in order, keep an eye on your tank, repeat till everything’s dead or you have to warp out because their DPS is higher than your tank.

Typically in PvP, the moment you enter engagement range with other players, the combat is pretty much decided. Either they have the tools to obliterate you, or they don’t have what they need to prevent you from warping away and you can escape. Note how there is no: “Or you have the tools to obliterate them” option here: because you are new it is extremely unlikely you will randomly encounter anyone you can actually kill.

This is one of the primary “poor design issues” with EVE: there is no progression process from “cannon fodder” to “beginner” to “has some skill” to “can compete with other PvPers”. Any learning you manage is entirely on you to acquire - CCP has no idea how to design PvP with any sort of growth path.

As others have said, watch videos, read the PvP forum, read guides, ask players in game, join a combat corp like Red vs Blue, try Faction Warfare, throw some cheap ships in cheap fits into the grinder after learning some basics and give it another go.


I understand you OP, find me sometime in game and we can go have a little fun in Rancer (you can just come pick up the loot if you like) and then you will make a small profit and avenge the campers :slight_smile:

The best addition for a pvp’er noob solo is probably ECM drones and an AB.

Get a hull that has some drone capability. Preferably enough to fit both SW and ECM.

If you’re solo, try ecm and warp out if you are going to lose…

If cant ecm try and SW and Ab out of point range. And warp away.

That was my old home 10 years ago lol


don’t sweat it. We’ve all been there. Every EVE player started with nothing, no experience, a single ship, and a laughably small amount of skill points and 5000 isk.

EVE takes practice, to get good takes a lot of practice. That is why EVE players experience a sense of accomplishment.

This is a link to an old post, https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/276198/ , many of it’s links are no longer functioning, a lot of the posts are a waste of time to read, but the OP of that thread created the thread for situations such as you find yourself in. She created her character to document just exactly what a new character goes through to learn pvp. Read it, it will help you. If you want her fits, (many of the links to fits no longer work) cross-reference the dates with her killboard over on zkill: https://zkillboard.com/character/92922536/

And this is another zkill link: https://zkillboard.com/character/93386974/ This guy has killed a 1000 ships with an exploration frigate , a heron, a T1 exploration frigate.
You can read about his adventure here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/ebgsx0/personal_goal_reached_after_several_years_in_eve/ . He’s got a 1000 killmails using a heron; but he lost 500 of them doing that, to learn to do that. And while no one can argue with this accomplishment, 1000 kills with a T1 exploration frigate: I’d argue that his greatest accomplishment was…he didn’t give up.

That’s the thing about EVE, good EVE players don’t give up.


I wish I could like this post a million more times

Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t take advice from forum warriors who don’t know what they’re talking about, lie about pvping with alts, and refuse to show any proof to back up their claims. There are too many people on here who don’t know the first thing about pvp but will gladly hand you advice about how they (mistakenly) believe things work.

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You just described yourself buddy. Stay in Null where you’re safe

How much success have you personally had with this?

This and neuts are pretty standard to pvp fits. Lol.

Ok, I’ll try again with a little more emphasis on the important bit…

How much success have you personally had with this?


Its a stupid question. What I’ve suggested is literally a standard kit.

Are you suggesting theres somethin better to a brawler-tackle than that?

You’re asking for anecdotes to back up commonsense.

Let me be more clear. You’ve got a prop, make it an AB. You’ve got extra highs, make it neuts, you’ve got extra drone hold, make it ecm or at worst, sw.