Why do NPC stations in Thera have a station gun?

I understand station guns in high/low sec, if someone commits a criminal act in range of those guns- the guns will fire on said criminal.

But, why would an NPC station in 0.0 space have a gun? What purpose would that gun serve?

Would guess self-protection.

Low/highsec versions tend to have more idiots ganking around stations, and less willing to attack a station, in nullsec station could be attacked by anything up tk a Titan or fleet of them.

That’s interesting. I didn’t know NPC stations could be destroyed. But if they can, the gun makes sense.

Not sure itmf they can be, but therell be someone to try.

They can’t. Yet

Shattered WH (and Thera is one of those) tend to bend/break the regular rules a bit. For example, Thera is a WH but it has stations. Stations in null don’t have guns, but apparently stations in wormholes do. As I understand it (but I may be wrong here) the gun will fire if you launch interdiction bubbles on the undock. In terms of gameplay it’s a method of discouraging people from simply camping the stations instead of hunting through the many, many, many WH connections Thera has.

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