Why do Torpedo Launchers have such high CPU usage?

Normally the short ranged weapons are easier to fit than the long range equivalent, but for Torpedo vs Cruise it’s reversed. Torpedo launchers come with a much higher fitting requirement than would be expected. Is it because CCP has to balance around stealth bombers?

I would think you aren’t putting them on the proper ship, pay more attention to ship traits.

also, ee-603 and up makes miracles happen.

What? It has nothing to do with the ship. Torpedo Launchers straight up have a significantly higher fitting cost than their long range counter parts. 1709 PG/82 CPU for Torpedo Launcher II vs 1513 PG/66 CPU for Cruise Missile Launcher II.

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Considering the fact that bombers build-in role bonus is “99.65% reduction in Torpedo Launcher powergrid requirement”, I don’t think that’s the reason here.

This is not „Normal“.

Cruiser sized comparison: HML II 55tf/105MW vs HAML II 50tf/113MW

Short range have higher PG but trade off for lower CPU which is not strictly „easier to fit“.

The real cost is the CPU instead of the PG.

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The real cost is your life and how youre wasting it by playing this game.