Why does anti-insurgency guns from FW remain in systems no longer at suppression 5?

And why are they still active in systems not suppressed? They will attack anyone that becomes suspect in systems without insurgency and suppression 5.

To clarify, I’m talking about the “Counter-Insurgency Sentry guns” that appear on gates or even stations when a system is at Suppression 5 for pirate faction warfare.

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When the Havoc patch notes released, there was a lot of speculation about what these lines meant:

This implies that the Suppression 5 effects of a system persist after an Insurgency. That would be the game mechanic reason why the super gate guns persist afterwards. The system continues to have a Suppression value, and it is 5, so gate guns it is.

This note also implies there could be multiple ways to affect suppression and corruption values. Currently, the only way to reduce suppression is to have an insurgency spawn: when it does, it lowers the Corruption and Suppression values to 0 (or Suppression 2 if a Militia HQ system). There’s no other way to reduce suppression. So this implies the only way to get rid of the super gate guns is to push an Insurgency to that system again.

I don’t know if that’s how it works in practice, though. There’s been some individuals who have done Insurgency Science that I can ask though.

The above are game mechanical „why“ explanations. None of them are CCP game design „why“ explanations though: they just thought it was a good idea.

Corruption doesn’t remain at 5 when an insurgency ends, it resets back to zero when the insurgency ends, otherwise systems at corruption 5 would remain at 5 and be like null sec, so I don’t see how this pertains to the issue. Pretty sure that patch note is about systems currently under insurgency.

The guns remain until someone tears them down from what I am aware. Why would anyone want to take them down except for pirates?

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It literally say it in the patch notes: CCP can decide arbitrarily whether Corruption values, suppression values, or both get reset. Or not, and persist instead. They decide how they get reset, to which numbers, and how they can be manipulated in or out of an insurgency.

Now that I recall, there was a twitch stream Rattati and Burger did to explain the design choices. They wanted corruption to be ephemeral but suppression to be more permanent after the insurgency so the local residents have something longer term to benefit.

So yeah, it’s just how the game works, because CCP decided that way. They could make Corruption 5 persist after an insurgency just like Suppression 5 does, but they decided for balance or design reasons not to.


That is probably a bit optimistic as it implies intent, continued action and planning on CCP’s part. It’s far more likely that it’s a “durrr we didn’t get to complete that bit so it’s there half arsed, we’ll deal with it soon™ we promise”.

The problem is, that those guns suppress PvP in lowsec, not that much but similar to the Trig and Edencom systems, which is a net negative thing.

It’ll be a similar problem with the pirate NPC blockades on Skyhooks.