Why EVE Online players are angry

I wrote a short article on Why EVE Online players are angry.


I didn’t read the whole thing yet, but it has graphs. Graphs are good. People like graphs.

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Nothing new or interesting in it, you could have just posted that in one of the rage bear threads. Also wrong forum section.

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Seems fairly accurate. As you say, most of the frustration appears to be caused because CCP is taking their advertised “sandbox MMO, write your own stories, invent your own playstyle”, and trying very hard to turn it into “this is our sandbox, we write the rules, there’s a specific set of playstyles we want the playerbase to engage in and we’ll keep randomly changing the rules until all you numpties get with the program”.

Personally I’ve felt this way since somewhere around 2011 or so. It became clear back then that CCP had done the math and found out that the playstyle that generated the most per-capita subs and income was nullsec, large alliance, capital ship play. And they’ve been pushing everyone towards that specific playstyle ever since in an effort to maximize income and news hype.

They’ve created some massive fails along the way (in fact most of what they’ve tried has failed, in one way or another) so they haven’t achieved this but it’s been clear that’s what they’re pushing for.

After years of bending the game balance out of shape with those pushes, they’re now trying a ‘reset’ of sorts in hope that they can start the drive all over again. Clearly, subs and sales have dried up and they’re desperate to do anything they can to restore cash flow.

At any rate, the current anger and frustration isn’t a lot different than what’s been bubbling under the surface for a decade now. CCP is just pushing it all harder because of the tremendous drop in player subs and game activity - which is mostly caused by their fumbling attempts at ‘improving the game’.

(A small note: halfway through the article you mention “the drumbeat of more carrots, less stick”. I think you may have gotten that backwards but if you meant it that way, it needs some clarification what you’re referring to.)


I’m not angry, I’m just disapointed

I’m just disappointed that Blackout was reversible after all and thus could not last long enough to actually kill the game. The one time in history when a CCP screw up would have been a good thing and they mess it up, too.


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