Upset at scarcity? CCP’s “development” got you down?

Find yourself angry at CCP and their “direction” of the game? It doesn’t matter if it’s these most recent changes or it’s the compounding stupidity of their development for the past number of years, but I can tell you there’s a path to righteousness that doesn’t involve your 5000-word essay on how you would change something.

Solution? Highsec ganking!

See I started playing back in 2012 and have seen CCP nerf or straight up remove my emergent gameplay multiple times. I used to be an angry lad, always bitter at CCP and what they’ve done to this sandbox but no longer do I suffer from an unreasonable hatred of these simple-minded developers that are single-handedly driven by a money grubbing philosophy!

How did I do it? Well instead of straight up quitting or threatening to unsub, I’ve turned to SP farming 26 accounts and running 20 of them as gankers! Now instead of being angry all the time I simply log on for my daily therapy session and grief the living ■■■■ out of CCP’s wallet warriors and whales in Highsec! I could just unsub and deny them my cash but why not inflict maximum damage to their bottom line before quitting when ganking eventually gets nerfed into oblivion? See ganking is the last bastion of emergent gameplay for me personally, so when it’s gone I’ll be gone. Might as well take as many out with me along the way right?

So if scarcity has your income knee-capped or you just want to get back at the man why not join me by tossing a figurative Molotov cocktail on their pile of trash!

Here’s a screenshot of some kills in a span of 24-hours:

My killboard: Slavers Union | Corporation | zKillboard

If you are interested in joining the destruction and targeting of CCPs wallet, feel free to mail me in game (Faylee Freir). If you simply want to learn how to do this on your own I’m also willing to teach! So feel free to reach out to me on discord as well: benji#9806

This is obviously a meme but I am offering individuals the chance to learn how to make a good source of income amidst this scarcity.



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You are welcome.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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