Mass self destruct of inties at jita monument in protest over latest patch

My salvager II Is already warming up!


Yeah, unfortunately the usefulness of holding protest rally’s in Jita is no more. There’s nowhere near enough players in-game anymore to gather the numbers needed for 3rd party gaming news sites to notice.

Also posting for support here in these forums is just an exercise in futility, nothing more than wasted effort. Mainly because there’s barely enough active posters here to legitimize keeping these forums active.


i’ve already unsubbed , become an alpha after 11 years on june 11th.
Hopefully I’ll be able to return when someones reclaimed the asylum from the apparent crack addled lunacy thats taken over Eve recently.

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Fixed that for you…

And yeah, I agree. In fact I unsubbed 3 of my 4 accounts back when CCP did the ‘Resource Scarcity’ game change.

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Thanks for that ,
Unsubbing might not be an option for others who have invested much more than me in the game . Mostly time on my part on top of the subs. For those peeps SDing an inty or even mass shooting the monument is at least making their dissatisfaction known to CCP imho

Fear not scorned capsuleers! Instead of exercising in futile activities like protesting in Jita 4-4, I’d like to promote a better way. Come and ascend into glory with me!


Basing decisions on “losing all that time and energy” is called the sunk cost fallacy. If there’s a good return, stick with it. If there’s not, investing MORE is only increasing your ultimate loss.

Yea, gank 'em newbies to hell.

Destroy everything that moves.


OP must be a manufacturer of inties and trying to sell them before the patch crashes them harder.



A what?

CCP like ships blowing up no? Means people buy more, means people buy and spend PLEX.

Have you thought this through?

I think i’ve built mebbe 3 inties in my Eve lifetime

You may bring a corvette and call it an inty if you prefer , no elitism here :wink:
In the grand scheme of things if a massive Null bloc war isn’t enough destruction for CCP in this age of scarcity then the loss of mebbe several thousand inties in ritual hara-kiri at the monument will be a pee in the ocean.

perhaps we could have a mass civilian fit rookie ship brawl after the ritual suicide to stick 2 fingers up at CCP ? Make it corvettes online for a spell.

Just blockade Jita, let NOTHING in or out (alive that is).

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And with the massive amount of ships lost to Concord, comes a massive increase in ships bought. They will allow the slaughter for a while then stop with and make HS ganking 5x harder .

only one way to find out

Sorry, I can’t participate. The current update buffed my solo gameplay bigtime.:wink:

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5 inties SDd on monument , while my ibis has done a 12 hr shift on shooting the monument :slight_smile:

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Got some space to shelter a dozen of abandonned Ares in my hangar, contract me i you feel bad about destroying those.