Why I think the haloween event is bad for pvp

Pre summary:
Npc tank+dps+neuting reduces player fit options and forces pve fit over pvp fit.
Running sites in a pvp fit with less dps and tank than a pve fit will be better for both the hunter and hunted.

The requirements for dps to break the last rat’s tank in combination of cap needed for neuts and tank needed for rat’s limits the ship’s you are able to run the site with, so much so that you cant really go in a pvp ship which means anyone warping into the site you can’t fight solo and you are forced to warp out which isn’t fun for the guy running the site or the guy hunting.

With the AI constantly warping it makes it even easier to be in a pve ship because you can just mwd 500kms away from the site and fight rats there popping the rats wrecks each time you kill one so anyone coming to the site cant warp to it. (or just warping out if you see combat probes on d-scan)

The only things that I’m finding is garmurs warping in when I’m running them in my pve fit which I cant even shoot because I have to use close range weapons to get the dps required to kill the rat’s so am forced to warp out once again, which sux.

Lower the rat’s tank, less dps required means more fits are viable including pvp fit ships
Lower tank and cap stability requirement’s so that you can use cap boosters instead of batteries which opens up even more fits.

Last suggestion reduce garmur point range or agility (preference would be to make the ship heavier by like 30%) as they are annoying as hell, you can’t sling shot them because they have amazing speed and agility so they will always get back to range much quicker than you even if you’re manual piloting perfectly while they press orbit and go and make coffee while their fleet warps in. (obviously this doesn’t count if your flying a anti-kite ship which cant run the site anyways.)

Pretty sure thats the point, skip

The point is to not have pvp but be put into a ship where you are only farmed as cattle? Sounds like bad design.

Well if you are going to be hyperbolic about it, because I dont think they put you in Haulers.

Cant players use a HAC for these?

Well, to be fair, this IS Eve Online

I think your premise is flawed.

One doesn’t have to do those sites, does one?

I’d rather not have yet more nerfs.

It should be an exploit to attack anybody doing those sites - especially if they might enter an arena afterward.


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