Why is life more beautiful in our warmer regions

Tl;Dr cold climate make alcoholics

Really?, i’d say they drink just as much in warm climate. If not more, they should see how much people drink when on vacations in warmer parts…

Homosapiens developed in a tropical climate zone and has spread very rapidly over the globe. We are not adapted on a biological level to the seasonal changes in the northern and southern regions of our globe, unlike the plants and animals who where living there a lot longer.


Its because alcohol makes you feel warmth in your belly.

Mulled wine for example.

I prefer cold climates… I grew up in Wyoming and miss the winters. That being said for people who stayed indoors or didn’t have a hobby, depression is a real thing and thus alcoholism…

FTFY. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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At the same time colder climates teaches people to prepare better and work harder.


Well i guess thats true if you live in such places :slight_smile:

Well yeah kinda, unless it’s closing on winter and it has to do with driving safely and to use winter tyres :smiley:

It is rather hormone issiue. When darker days come pineal gland start to produce certain hormone, because of it we fell sleepy, tired, in bad mood generaly. Depressed. In that state we are more vulnerable to alcohol. When people living in countries or regions where drinking is a common practice, like Russia it’s simple to conclude it. Because of it there is prohibition in scandinavian countries. They would just drink themselves to death.

No alcohol needed. :relaxed:

Things to do in Barcelona when it’s wintertime:

Notice the absence of snow, overcast skies and people wearing 5 layers of clothes, and what wonderful light there is when dawn happens at 6 PM. Why would you be drunk and miss it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, by living here 12 months a year, you are entitled a right to complain about the freezing polar cold when it’s 5º C.

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:laughing: actually here in sweden we can do that anyway

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I used to live not so far from New Caledonia, in Micronesia. On an island with terrain and sea that looked a lot like that. Really beautiful, especially the underwater world. But island life can wear on people’s psyches. Imagine if you took a rural village, and built a wall around it. (The wall being the ocean). And make it tropical, where sunrise and sunset are around the same time every year, and there’s just a main season, a couple of months rainy season, and a couple of months dry season. The monotony, isolation, lack of privacy and lack of stimulation wear on people’s minds.

Once in a while, somebody or some group of somebodies tend to relieve their tension with a huge alcoholic binge, that can go on for days. And then, all of the lack of drama and all of the interpersonal built-up tensions get resolved… :grimacing:

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I think they had no internets to entertain them. Also I dont know why they didnt try something new, there is so much to do instead of getting bored. :thinking:

Well rising sea levels will take care of that isolation problem :unamused:

Rising sea lvl’s may not be a problem for much longer Mini Ice Age inc me thinks.

Next vaction we ski to Seychelles? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I don’t know why you withdrew it, it was an interesting question :D. And it made an interesting point, but oh well.

God will take care of their savage ways

True Nana S, they have no internet or TV or even electricity. Also, no or very few books published in they language they speak. Nights are pretty long, sitting around a kerosene lantern surrounded by just the pitch black. There’s not much to do but grow or catch food, drink, fight, or… you know what.

And the last is difficult, because all possible partners somebody is the child, sibling, parent, or spouse of somebody who knows both of you. Even with your own spouse, somebody who knows both of you (such as an immediate family member) is likely to hear you and get grossed out. (Tropical semi-outdoor life, no electricity, no engines, no noise pollution). The only way is to separately ninja out to the deep mosquito bush, and separately but casually ninja back in again. Oscar-level acting abilities are required, and sometimes on the spot fiction storytelling).

Anyway, here’s the specific spot of which I speak.